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Kawasaki ZXR250 60,000 KMS good buy for first bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by FNQrider, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. G'day fellas,

    First post, just completed Qride, was a great day, we all learnt heaps. I currently have a Honda CB250 Nighthawk on lend to me from a good mate. It has been great for me to learn on and brought me to the stage where I passed confidently Qride without a hitch. I am now looking for my own bike to commute and group ride on weekends and such. One thing I have learnt riding the CB is that she does not like hills one bit and in a group ride I am always left for dust, struggling to keep up with the posted speed limit.

    My mate has a Honda CBR250RR and I think I am in love with the 4cyl 250's. They have an interesting sound and definitely have enough grunt to tackle some of those hills. Not to mention the dual disk brakes and in the case of the ZXR, upside down forks. I have come across a ZXR250 for $1800 (+480 to have it transported from Brissy to Cairns). My only concern is the amount of KM's it has on it. is 60,000 too much for a 4cyl bike? Also it has oil weeping from around the gear lever, not enough that it drips. How hard/Necessary is it to fix?

    Cheers guys, looking forward to hearing your opinions.
  2. That's a lot of klms, I prob wouldn't touch it. Not when I've seen few 4-5 year old ninja 250s for $2500 with 15-20000 klms on them
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  3. Listen to bj.
    Go newer, save heartache and cash in the long run.
  4. Not sure what you are smoking guys, but 60,000Km's is not alot. And a Ninja 250 can't hold a candle to a ZXR250. But having said that, ignore the Km's. Most likely 60,000 km's is not the real figure. But if it's in good condition (oil weeping is a major concern!), I'd spend my money on a good ZXR250 over an old Ninja 250 anyday.
  5. So we've got a zxr250 with 60,000k's and oil weeping which you consider to be a major concern, which in my opinion appears to be an older bike for $2280.00
    A 4-5 year old Ninja thing with 15-20,000k's on it at $2,500.00

    So a difference of $220.00, several years newer, 40-45,000k's up your sleeve, and no oil leak........... and we're smoking something??
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  6. While I'd agree with Bjpitt, the important word is "GOOD".

    Given the nature of the beastie, 60K is quite a lot of kilometres, and a lot would depend on who was riding it for that distance......
    I'd worry if it was all done by new learner riders.

    You'd also want to know the servicing history if possible.
  7. Yep, but that's true of any bike purchase. You shouldn't just walk up to a ninja 250 seller and say "shut up and take my money". It's also had the new riders treatment.
  8. True.
    But you should be allowed to walk up to a 250 ninja owner and say "shut up and take that stuuuuupid exhaust off you noisy little fcuker" ;)
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  9. Thanks for your opinions guys, but I struck lucky and found a mint CBR250RR MC22 L locally, 27,000 kms (if that is to be believed, probably grey import), more importantly it starts easy and runs nice, even got an in site into the bike while it was at the mechanics getting its RWC, all clear, just needs swing arm bushes and front wheel bearings which are being done. Few after market bits and bobs, tyga fairings, exhaust, crash knobs .ect. Hopefully picking it up at the end of the week once its RWC is done, Ill post a few pics once I have it. Looking forward to a test ride on the weekend! I am a bit tempted to ride the CB250 a bit more to better familiarize myself with riding a few of the roads around here before taking the new bike out. May as well while I have it!

    EDIT: Thought I'd add, one thing that threw me off the ZXR's a bit is the whole cam timing chain tensioner issue they have. And in some cases, the chain itself. The CBR250RR's have geared cams, seems a bit more robust.

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