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Kawasaki ZXR-250 - Any thoughts??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by philski, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. Hey all, I'm fairly new to this and first of all want to say g'day to everyone!

    I am currently in the process of buying a bike and was wandering what your thoughts were on the Kawasaki ZXR-250? I have a mate who lives down in country vic who owns one and has now moved on to a newer 750, now his wife rides the ZXR-250. It is a 1991 model i believe, and is very well looked after (the guy is fairly fantatical about it), its got new chain, sprockets and brakes. Furthermore the top end was rebuilt about 5000kms ago (new valves etc). It has 31,000 on the clock. Anyway, he's thinking of selling the bike, so last time i was down I took it for a spin - great bike! Good riding position for me, and a bit bigger than some of the other 250's I have ridden (which is a bonus for me), and it rides really well! Brakes well, corners well and has great acceleration...

    He's thinking of selling it for around $5000, and I was wondering if anyone out there thinks this is a good price? Furthermore, if I sell it down the track do you think i could get around $3500-4000 for it when its got 40,000 on the clock?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated... Thanks in advance!!

  2. hmmmmmm, even if it is in very good nick 5,000 for a 91 model is pretty steep, hunt around and you may find a better deal, especially since it's winter so bikes aren't in demand at the moment, so the prices should be competitive .
  3. thanks slyfox... that's a good point about winter, i'll hunt around and see if i can find a bargain!!
  4. wow what a coincidence! I'm just about to leave to have a look at a ZXR250! If anyone else has any opinions/comments then please please please post them.
    I plan to use it as a commuter but am unsure if it's reliable enough... my other option was to go for a CB250!
    The one I'm looking at is an '97 with 20,000 for $3000, which is real cheap. Does anyone know any common resaons/malfunctions to explain the low price?
  5. good bike... its really up to you whether you want to spend 5000 on a perfect condition bike or closer to 3000 on a less perfect bike, both of which will last your 1 year of restrictions fine :)
  6. Yeah edgeyhill, I've now heard (and this is not necessarily 100% accurate) that you should get the valves checked (and changed/realigned if necessary) at around 25,000 clicks. This will most likely cost a bit of $. I think the one I was looking @ was a little overpriced - probably closer to 4000 would have been a price to go for, however it had recently had the valves and top end rebuilt. All the same if you can get one for 3000 and know theres not much work to do then go for it!