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Kawasaki ZX7R

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Climbatize, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. Well it wasn't to be a Yamaha or Suzuki but i'd had never thought i'd own one of these a few months ago. I was specifically looking at Hondas.. CBR600F and CBR900 to be exact. Anyway, this is the new ride and she is not comfy, but I love the look of it and is running great at the moment. Should do me for awhile.

    The bike came with a rooted carbon can and I have since chopped that in half and put it back together. It can get a bit much on long rides but it'll do for now.






  2. Not a bad example.
  3. Black is the new black! I like it.
  4. Sounds GGGreat too!! Just wear earplugs.
  5. Cheers guys.

    Thanks Dazzler. Earplugs are an absolute must!
  6. Nice bike, I always liked the look of them, especially in black.
  7. The black frame is really nice, I love it. Was so close to buying one of these before I found the Zook... Darth Vader face.
  8. Beaut pics and sleak arse looking bike!
  9. Taken at the GP today.