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Kawasaki ZX6R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bigbhoy, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Hi there,

    Long time post reader first time poster..

    I am currently in the market for a new machine, I am swaying towards the Kawasaki ZX-6R even though the majority of the bike mags i have read have slated this for being under powered, heavy and a little off the pace of the others this year.

    I always fins these reivews are very biased and somewhat track focused depending on the publication.. My question is what do the "real world riders" think of this bike? whats it like to live with on a day to day basis?

    I have also looked at the Dayona 675 and the Honda although i am 6ft 4 and 90kgs i feel like a clown on board a trike on the honda!

    Thanks in advance

  2. The only way to really know is get your arse in the saddle.
    I was told i'd be to tall (6ft) to enjoy an R6, but when I got on one it was fantastic.
    So get out and into the saddle.
    Also the R6 which is constantly described as peaky and revvy had enough mid range to keep you happy.
    Any 600 is going to have more grunt than you need for road riding.

    When people describe a bike lacking mid range they are describing it from the open track perspective. The reality is any 600 will boot in the mid range as muich as you need in trafffic, you just have to learn how they behave and ride accordingly.

    Get the bike that gives you wood.
  3. I assume you are talking about the 07 zx6r. This year its back to 599cc, so its lost one of the best things it had going for it - the extra 37cc over its competitors made a bit difference in street riding, giving it alot more useable midrange.

    If I had the cash for one, I'd go an 05 or 06 model with under 15k kms and a nice sounding pipe.

    Yes alot of those reviews are track based - it is a track bike. Ergo wise its considered more comfortable than others in the class, more legroom and tank is good for comfort and laying on.
  4. ZX-6R

    Thanks Guys,

    to be honest i have not even sat on an R6 purely because i looked at it and thought it too small. But now that you mention it i might go down to the dealer and have a shot as they are doign some ridiculous deal on the 07 models right now.

    as for the 07 ZX6R i took one out last sat and had a good half hour on one all to myself. The guy gave me the keys and i went for a scoot around some of the roads near the dealership.. Ergos were brilliant and i did not feel cramped at all.. It does lack a little bit at the bottom end but i soon got over that with some clutch control and a bit of juice.. I did find the bike changed completly after the 8k rpm mark and it had loads on tap. So for what i will be using the bike for in the main its suits me fine.

    I am not too interested in the SUZUKI as i just dont like them.. but i will give the R6 a go cause that and the ZX give me... erm the WOOD FACTOR!! LOL..

    Thanks boys.
  5. No worries. I'll get my zx one day, tear. :)
  6. Well I guess it depends on how you define need and want. I want stacks more mid range on my 600 even around town. The only way to 'ride accordingly' to get more mid range on my bike is to get the needle closer to the red area.
  7. i tested one of these today and i kind of liked it and didnt. i also found that once you get to 8,000 rpm the bike begins to kick and and it does it nicely. the brakes on this thing are pretty impressive. they would stop right away. the sound even with a standard pipe was impressive but the only thing that i didnt like was the seating position. it felt too much of an upright position. and the seat was bloody hard. this bike felt the tallest of all the 600's that i test rode today .it is a bit wider in the saddle then the other 600's also. i don't mind the front of the bike but the back is ugly. the brake light is part of the eliminator so you just cant just chop off the back. clutchless shifting is a breeze on this thing aswell. overall not a bad bike but i like the gsxr more.
  8. the new 07 ZX6R is a well sorted machine , but is track focused . also check out the triumph 675 , i reackon the ZX6R is a great step forward for kawasaki . but its worth looking @ a 2nd hand 06 ZX636R with under 8000km also ..