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kawasaki zx6r?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bigsam, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. Hey peoples. Be easy on me i know nothing about bikes, i was thinking of buying a 96 kawa zx6r, Ive found one for $4.000 with 28.000kz and the owner has a spare "race" fairing so maybe he gave it a hard life on the track. i cant find info about the 96 model so can someone please help me with some info :(

    1. Is the rear suspension adjustable?
    2. and lucky last, are they reliable and perfect powered?

    thanx :p [/b]
  2. Ya poor bastard. No one replying to ya.

    Mate I've got a 99 model and have had it for around 4 months or so.
    Absolutely love it. Looks pretty much the same front and but the rear is a tad more sharp. Cant tell you the mechanical changes etc but maybe this site my give you a start .

    Give it an 8.3/10 i think for reliability.


    there also heaps of pics on here http://www.bikepics.com/kawasaki/zx6r/96/pics.asp

    Afraid I cant answer the question re suspension though. Have a squizz through that 2nd link and see if of the pics give it away
  3. Nothing about bikes? I would hope you know *something*, like how to ride them. ;) I also hope you've had some practise on a 250!

    Otherwise, it's a Kwaka, gotta be good. :LOL:

    Race fairings probably do suggest it's been raced, but that's what the bike is built for. The kms aren't a problem at all, but you do need to test ride it to check the gearbox hasn't been hammered doing wheelies (it will pop out of gear). If you don't know much about them, get a mechanic to come have a look with you (if it's private). Given you're in Melbourne, you can try PM'ing LordTB - he's good value for dragging along and checking out a prospective bike.
  4. Just make sure he has some kind of records about servicing to make sure the bike is kept in good order. Even if it has been raced so long as it has been looked after it will always do you well.

    Also there is one thing I'll give to Kawasaki's and that is that they always seem to be infront of the rest. It seems quite oftent hat Kasasaki'scome out with new inovations before most of the others. As for the 96 zx6r I'm not entirely familiar with that bike but as I have already said you really can't go wrong with a Kwaka.
  5. I own a 96 ZX6r, had it for over 3 years and done 50000 kms on it, it now has 85000km in total, I have never had a problem with mine.

    Mine also came with race fairings on it

    They are also comfortable to ride, and should have enough go, for any road riding you want to do
  6. Simply the best inline 4 bike ever made :p

    Seriously, I owned one for 2 years and loved it to bits.
    Other than the problem with the carbies icing up and the cam chain tensioner going AWOL after 1600km the bike was perfect.

    Comfy as, lots of power, great bike overall.

    At the time I was changing bikes every 2 years as soon as the warranty ran out. I was going to keep the 6, I liked it so much, but.....................

    Then I rode a twin, then I bought a twin and had an SP1 and a ZX6R in the garage for 3 months. I rode the 6 once in those 3 months and hated it. Inline 4's???? ppttoooey!!!!!!!
    Never again, I'm a twin man now, fully converted.
    I even considered a harley before settling for Mr. Percival :grin:
  7. Geez, if you know nothing about bikes, then I'd say be careful because you're stepping up to the plate on that one.

    I haven't ridden one but my recent experience on a new ZX-6R was that they are real road racers, like the ZX-10R, and not for the feint hearted or inexperienced.

    Yes, good bike I think but take the time to get the feel of it.
  8. Its a Kawasaki, isn't it? Enough said :p