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Kawasaki ZX6R or Honda CBR600F?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bigsam, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. hey peoples once again.

    Which one of the two would you suggest, both are roughly around 91 - 96 models? :oops:

  2. would be hard couice for me too.... own a kawaka but love hondas.... he he.. i'm interested to se what others think too as i'm thinking of updrading in about 6 months an they are 2 bikes i like already....
  3. +1
  4. If its an older model Bike you can't beat a honda actually you can very rarely beat a Honda CBR All the way though with that age it depends whats on offer rego tyres chain etc and best price
  5. You are looking at a 10+ yr old bike and there will be far more CBR's around to choose from - both because there marketing is far more effective and not to mention there reliability :p - seriously though, this means you will have more to choose from and may be lucky and get pick of the bunch....

    CBR +1
  6. i would get a suzuki gsxr 600..... much sexier especially the one im selling lol :LOL:
  7. cbr - they jusy dont seem to die
  8. if you've seen what i put my cbr through, you'd get one too. unkillable. get a 95+ f3 if you can, or at worst, get a late 94 f2. they've got similar forks to the f3s.
  9. your choice is easy because there is no choice the CBR's rule
  10. CBR for me too. My research indicates better resale
  11. I have not ridden the Kwaka ZX6R, however, they look like a heavier bike. (The CBR is 190kg dry depending on model and year)
    What are you riding currently and what sort of riding are you going to do.

    My CBR600F is a great workhorse, a great all rounder.
    It is also a user friendly bike to ride, great manners.
    I use my bike every single day, and often pillion my girlfriend (although the engine does work harder - more CC's would be good)

    If I had a checklist, the CBR is a good commuter, good tourer, corner carver if required, pillion compliant (pegs are low=comfy), good power and torque, reliable, low servicing cost, friendly on tyres....umm, I think that sums it up.
    You can also adjust the suspension from soft to hard with an easy turn of a screw.
    I have a Ventura Rack and Bag on the back which I fill with groceries and other loads when required and it never seems to affect the handling (despite heavier loads)

    The CBR600F does not try and excel in all areas, it is not as peaky as your R6 or RR, a more composed bike than manic!
    For this reason, it is less wheelie able, requiring clutch work than roll on wheelies....(by the way, I have not tried)

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    I hope this helps.
  12. At 190kg the honda cbr wieghs as much as my zx9, The kwaka looks cooler and is different than the normal joe blows bike,Be different and go the kwaka :grin:
  13. Thanx for your replies. :grin:

    Fonda my Honda, ive recently sold my car (Im over driving) :cool: . I havent even got L's or anything at the moment and yes i know i should move my bum.

    I know that 600cc is illegal for a starter but am never willing to go 250cc or anything under 600cc, its just too small of a bike. Ive heard many people say that pillioning on even a 600cc can reduce performance big time and so you can imagine a 250cc.

    Well really im wanting to make it a primary transport and also too have fun (mature wise).

    Ive found some bikes that im interested in, and because i barely know much about bikes ive decided they're all from "spot on motorbikes" in melbourne city.

    1. Honda CBR600f 91 model, (dunno kz) for $4,990 <- Dunno, but cheap for a 1st maybe?
    2. Kawasaki ZX6R 96 model, 39,000kz for $6.990 <- Looks Sexy :shock:

    ?????????????? :idea:-(/b]
  14. Perhaps you should try riding something first, then decide what you want to get?
  15. Grow up newbie. You need a boot in the bum. You wan't to skip riding a 250 and going thru L's and P's. I think you need an attitude check. That's not riding is about.

    [-X :butt: :jerk:
  16. Kawasaki ZX6R 96 model, 39,000kz for $6.990 <- Looks Sexy

    Well, it better be sexy, seems expensive to me, does that include on road costs.
    I got my 97 CBR600F 23000kms from Peter Stevens for $6500 (younger model and less mileage)

    Pillioning on the back of my bike does reduce performance, I certainly prefer not having a pillion on the back. Anything beyond 80kg does not feel great on the back but works.

    Oh by the way, the CBR600 have great mirrors - you can actually see behind you very well but as a result, its not the greatest lane splitter.
    Be careful you dont smack someones car or car mirrors.

    So how big are you Sam?
    And I am a guy so dont get excited......
    The CBR can accommodate big units, certainly, 250 Fireblades are not recommended for Tall guys or Big Units.

    As you have driven for many years, this is an advantage when moving on to motorbikes.
    But I would recommend that people learn to walk before they learn to crawl or run.
    In other words, while some people can make the jump straight to a bigger, more powerful and heavier bike, it is a risky option.

    Nothing worst than getting your nice new machine and because of inexperience, you drop it and smash your fairing and yourself....expensive
    and it could hurt)

    That is why, some people recommend a cheap first bike and then you can save up for that R1 or whatever takes your fancy.

    You will also learn what riding style you like (Sports Racing, Touring, or Commute and Comfort) and what bigger bike best fits your riding.

    For example, I am a Sports Tourer kinda guy as opposed to Aggressive Sports or just a Tourer.
    If I could afford it and if petrol was not going to keep rising, I would have my eyes on (and in no particular order)

    A Honda CBR900RR Fireblade or VFR800 or Blackbird 1100, or Triumph Sprint 1050 or 955i.

    I certainly believe that the 600cc or bigger are safer despite the weight, bigger tyres, better suspension, however for beginners, they feel more secure and confident with a light weight machine.

    Its up to you - do you feel confident going straight to a 600cc?
  17. children should never be left to play with sharp knives.

    your attitude, lack of knowledge, and simplistic outlook on motorcycle operation reflects that of a temporary human.

    restrictions are there for a reason and you NEED to learn to ride before you buy a big bike.
    whilst i am most likely wasting my time with this reply, i also need to add that you will do what you like in the end, but chances are you will hurt yourself or worse, someone else. :?
  18. Don't write off 250's too quickly. A well tuned CBR250RR, if ridden well, is still pretty damn fast. I think a lot of people who think 250's are gutless don't take full advantage of them (ie rev the tits off them). Sure, you won't be doing power wheelies or hitting 200kmh down straights, but they corner well (due to light weight and decent frame) and stoppie just as good (or better, cause they're lighter) than a bigger bike. In tight, twisty mountain roads, a good rider on a CBR250RR would keep up with bigger bikes till you get to straights (at which points the bigger bikes get pulled over for speeding!)

    (and yes, I have a 600CC bike, but it's a 600CC single cylinder, which has about the same, or maybe a bit less, peak power than a CBR250RR)
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