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Kawasaki ZX6 2000 Track bike

Discussion in 'Archived' started by MrWasabi, Apr 1, 2011.

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  1. 2000 model (J1) track bike

    - Professionally rebuilt engine by Alon at Love Motorcycles (replacement crank and rods, new big ends, new main caps) about 10 track days old. Valve clearances done during rebuild. Engine is a jap import and has apparently done about 15,000 km's. (this was at the time of installation)
    - Race tech fettled front and rear. Gold valves front and rear, anti dive valve in shock, eibach springs front and rear for 90kg rider.
    - Factory Pro jet kit, K&N filter, D&D system. Dynoed at 107hp at rear wheel before rebuild.
    - Factory Pro shift-kit detent arm.
    - W4U race glass, tinted double bubble screen.
    - Woodcraft clipons, wasteland quick action throttle insert.
    - Race Supplies rearsets (not the ones pictured)
    - 520 chain and sprockets, geared for EC.
    - Private write-off (not on WOVR) so could be re-registered, but no road gear available. Was last registered in Qld with single-seat rego. Frame was straightened by Laurie Alderton before it was converted to a track bike.

    Bike also comes with a couple of boxes of spares.

    Asking $3700.


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  2. Price dropped
  3. how much now?

  4. Asking $3700.
  5. Thanks goz ;)
  6. $3500, open to reasonable offers, just pm me.
  7. Damn, if they'd written mine off I was gonna jump on this.
    Good luck mate.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.