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Kawasaki ZX2R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jaek, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. Ive been looking at a few of these lately along with gsxr 250 etc...has anyone owned one or know much about them?

  2. ZX2R

    I believe they are the fastest 4-stroke 250, v-high revving 4 cylinder 4 valvers.

    Keep in mind that they stop making these things in the mid-nineties so don't mix up the compliance date with the manufactured date.

    I don't think I'd touch a bike that had spent nearly 10 years living at 20,000 rpm but maybe that's just me.....
  3. damn good advice there. i cant stand those bastards that keep advertising the compliance date as the manufacturing date. its not uncommon for that to make the bike seem 10 years newer!! worst thing is, its the shops that are guilty of it more than anything. they have no problem with ripping ppls off eh....

    oh, and good luck finding a 4 cyl 4 stroke 250 that hasn't spent half its life at redline :LOL: all you can do is hope that they have been well maintained cos they all get the guts thrashed outta them....
  4. hmmmm
    don't we have a lot of Across riders here...... :p :p


    actually a mate of mine has just migrated from a ZX2r to a ZX6r
    his ZX2r was awesome, had an aftermarket can with no baffles
    and kept up with the bigger bikes no worries
    no problems with it at all
    but DEFINITELY a sports bike..hard on brakes and rubber (for a 250)
    just make sure you get one that has been serviced
    (but that applies to all 4 stroke 250's anyway)


  5. nar was a bandit that i thrashed the crapola out of. the motor is close, but the bandit shits all over the across in every way possible. and i owned one so that in itself makes it a better bike :LOL:
  6. just on the zx2r i own a 2000 model zx2r. its a grey import just like all the rest it was complied in 2002. the thing is these bikes are imported brand new not been in japan for 10 years bought over and given a spray n a new tyre. i do get alot of arguments when i say a 2000 model burt its ridgy didge. they are a great bike well priced and a heap of fun. and they rev hard. and 4 a 250 they have a heap of speed. i had mine up 2 180 which was enough 4 me.
  7. agreed

    I own a 2003 (build year) ZX2R, also a grey import, but good advice not to comfuse the compliance and build years

  8. I don't mean to nit-pick but I believe that the GSXR250RR was the fastest stock 4-stroke 250 out of a factory. But these are very rare in Aus, so if you've narrowed your list to these 2 bikes, just be aware that parts may be harder to source for the gixxer than for the ZX2R.

    That said, they are both sweet looking bikes.
  9. The GSXR is the fastest factory produced 4cyl 250. If you are after one of these bikes...i think sumoto's world of 250's have just recently started importing a bunch of GSXR 250 from Japan...but be aware that the price tag is at $7000 or so.
  10. Gotta love those marketing tactics from Sumoto.

    [sarcasm]Oh, you mean those 2005 model GSXR250RR's from the mid 90's?[/sarcasm] :LOL: (not having a go at ya kiss, just at Sumoto)

    A while ago, I remember seeing a mob in QLD or NSW selling brand spanking new imported ZX2Rs for not much more. Don't know if they still have any new ones left.