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Kawasaki ZX2R

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  1. I cant actually see that link. But anyway, are we talking about the screaming 45hp, inline 4 cylinder zx2r that revs to 20k?
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  2. image. We sure are :)
    She's just so little and cute .... A 1989 model that will be red plated ...
    Needed a bit of tidy up work , tyres , chain n sprocket , heated grips ( lol ) cam chain tensioner was put in incorrectly and she sounded very sick , B fixed that and she runs sweetly now ... Reg rectifier is all we're waiting on now ...
    I'm looking forward to riding her ( once I'm over my car accident injuries )
    Oh and we took off the ridiculous stickers :)
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  3. Kitt updated Kawasaki ZX2R

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  4. I like the stickers! Yeah these little things are awesome. I had a 91 C model with the single headlight as my first bike. Crazy to think that a 25yo learner bike is quicker and better appointed than a brand new one.
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  5. BabyZ and her big sisters ... When I get a chance I'll line them all up for a pic , until then this will do :)

    image. Ba
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