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VIC Kawasaki ZX2R 1989 model - Richmond VIC

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by smunz, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. My bike was Stolen from Richmond sometime on Thursday night/Friday morning (17 Jan).

    It's a Kawasaki ZX2R (1989), black with Fuchs design (white check flag etc). Was in okay condition.
    Engine no. ZX250AE006552
    VIN no. 6MAK71S2GL08Y2103
  2. Bastards - any photos of the bike you can upload?

  3. Collectable? :D
  4. Third-party - collateral damage to public items if you have an off....
    Theft, fire protection.......?
  5. no insurance for theft...

    I posted a picture of the bike in my profile, but not sure how to upload anymore
  6. Bastards ! Looks like they've been on a bit of a run around Melb's lately :'(
  7. Bike found.... on the street in Brunswick somewhere.

    Not sure what condition it's in yet...
  8. Glad to hear it's been found, hope she's ok. Keep us posted!
  9. Unless your planning to set fire to your bike several times a year it is not economical in any way to insure an old bike, or any bike worth less than 5k (at the bare minimum) especially if your a young person, as fire and theft would likely be about 900 bucks on top of TPP p.a, with compo being probably around 2k p.a

    do the math bitsar

    edit: good to hear you got it back mate, may they be hung drawn and quartered
  10. Insurance can be a financial gamble sometimes.

    Some people would happily pay for theft insurance at what some people would think expensive, but $1500 insurance policy is cheaper than a $3000 replacement bike
  11. yeah but how often does your bike get stolen, after just two years you're losing out and bleeding money exceptionally quickly. I dont know about you but i have been riding for two years and so far nothing has been stolen except my gloves out of my lid one night. I dont really think im lucky either, as often as bikes get stolen, its still a rare event.
  12. any news on its condition?
  13. Just got it back tonight.

    - The ignition (and fuel cap) is stuffed, has had a screwdriver jammed in to start it I think.
    - A few cracks, chips in the fairing on one side. Doesn't look like it was crashed but may have just dropped it and left it as it was found on its side.
    - rear seat is missing
    - and a few bolts/screws were missing, the screws that hold the fuel tank on are missing.

    I can't see much else wrong with it but ill have a better look over the weekend.

    I haven't been able to start it yet as the key wont go in and I don't know how to do the screwdriver thing!!