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Kawasaki ZX14 - 6 months on.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Blue14, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. I have now had the ZX14 for almost 6 months. My first impression of this bike, even on the test ride was it lacked down low performance for a bike of its caliber. But from the day i picked it up, i was soon to learn very quickly what all the fuss was about from this hypersports weapon.

    The sheer torque and power from the midrange, up in to the high range is mind blowing. From high speed, it will still pull some serious G as you twist the throttle even further. :twisted:

    I have since fitted Two Bros Racing slip on cans, staying with the twin pipes as this really suits this bike. I have also added a DNA air filter, and had a PC111 fitted, with a dynoed custom map installed, which has eliminated the down low power issue, and have gained approx 10 RWHP. The real impressive point is the amount of torque this bike produces. :twisted:

    Now for a 215kg dry weight bike you would expect it to handle like the titanic, but not only does the ZX14 go like the wind, it can get you through the tight city traffic as lane splitting is a breeze. With the 190 rear tyre it also handles like a sports bike tipping and turning with ease, and has the most impressive brakes to pull you up as well. :cool:

    It is a comfortable bike for both rider and pillion, has a very well instrumented dash, with high beam lights you could only dream of.
    If i was to make only one bad comment, it would be that at night with the reddish dash illumination, when cars come up behind you, as the headlights shine on he bike, its hard to read your speed or revs. :?

    Yes i am very impressed with this bike. Kawasaki have certainly made some great changes from my ZX12R. So if you are considering one, i would definately recommend swapping the stock pipes and getting it breathing like it should. A note to all though, this bike is a misile, remember its claimed to do 0-100k in 2.5 sec, and run sub 10 sec 1/4 mile times, so yes it can easily scare the pants off you !!

    My final comment is, this bikes road presence is second to none, a real head turner which demands respect.
  2. I don't know quite what to say....it's a Kawasaki...of course it's great....duh! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Nice review Blue.
    I don't get any of that adrenalin rush though, mine must be running on 3 cylinders, ha.
  4. I second that Andrew! :wink:

    Nice review Blue.
    I have sent you a PM with a couple of questions now that we have hot matching TBR exhausts! :cool:
  5. Nice write up, the zx14 is on my list of possible next bikes. I heard the low down lack of power was actually designed as to provide something that isnt all or nothing riding.
  6. I believe the low down power was to make it a manageable bike of the mark.. It is great for riding in traffic as you really have great throttle control.. Anyway i have since put a stop to that. :twisted:
  7. When BIKE magazine tested it they said the same thing; they were disappointed with it low down but were told it was like that to avoid scaring the pants off people :LOL:.
  8. I am surprised you have kept your licence on that thing! :shock:

    Nice write up
  9. Nice review Paul

    I think its too much bike for me though for a while

    cool bike for sure

  10. Heh, I just watched a blue ZX14 pulling up into the motorcycle parking next to me. Taking a spot between my cb250 and some scooter it was kind of like watching QE II drop the anchor among harbour ferries... it certainly had a presence - very majestic :)

    ... but I would prefer it in black.
  11. That make 2 of us.. :shock:
  12. Yes the QE II is something it has been called, or as my fellow Kwaka sportsbike riders call it, The Land Yacht..
    And i must admit it was hard to choose between black or blue. I didnt like the 06 in blue at all with the black rims and bottom of fairings black. But once the 07 came out it was all smiles let me tell you.. :grin:
  13. Mate even on 3 cylinders it would pull like a train. :twisted:
  14. Hay Blue
    You don't have the dyno graph from your mapping do you?
    I would like to compare.

  15. Ill see if i can find it and email it to you.. Cant remember where it is to be honest.. :LOL:
  16. The bike in question.. :p

  17. Hey its going backwards... :LOL:
  18. [​IMG]

    BTW I can't believe you registered on that crap website I found the pic on.
    I was checking out the Kawasaki shop's website & stumbled across their forum.

    Don't you check out a site before registering? :LOL:


    There was like 1000+ members & all but you & two admins, are all spam
    registrations with dodgy nics posting p0rn links. [​IMG]

    Is that why you havent posted since? [​IMG]

    BTW, when are you gonna get round to updating ya NR name. You didnt end up
    getting a blue Ninja 14 after all? :p

    Anyways; take two with uploading ya bike without mucking around with the pic..

  19. Yeah its a pretty average forum hey.. :oops:

    Anyway i dont know about the green there mate. :shock:
  20. Bloody oath.

    Think Admin have let it go since no ones there & its fulla spam log-ins.

    The girl you posted to I used to talk alot too. She's a real kewl girl but we no
    longer really keep in contact.

    After we started talking that we realised by sheer co-incidence, her current
    bf is the ex of one of my girls at work so the two girls know of each other. :LOL:

    Shouldve thought about that before you bought it Paul. [​IMG]