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Kawasaki ZX10 Timining Retard Eliminator

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Justus, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. Anyone had one of these fitted? A worthwhile mod?

    TRE Kawasaki ZX10R Timing Retard Eliminator


    The TRE is a device which allows much better throttle response
    in the first 4 gears. What the manufacturer has done is to make a
    SEPARATE IGNITION MAP FOR EACH GEAR. This has been done for either
    safety &/or emissions reasons. However, it limits the power & smoothness
    of your bike in the first 1/2 turn of the throttle in gears 1 through 4.

    They were clever in the design of this timing retarder, it still allows full
    timing at full throttle. As you shift up through the gears, the amount of
    throttle needed to access the advanced curve decreases, until you make
    it into 5th gear and then it's gone, giving you nice, smooth operation.

  2. TRE design

    If your going to consider a TRE consider the following:
    * Make sure it is a 'smart' TRE and can send neutral, otherwise its going to be a pain to live with.
    * Make sure its made for your bike - all these things do is supply different resistances to simulate different gears, different bikes use different resistances for the same purpose.
    * Preferably it should send the resistance for 5th gear, not 6th as a number of the bigger bikes have electronic speed limiters on 6th (based on a certain no. of rpm)

    I have one fitted on the GSXR - I dont believe it made any real appreciable difference on performance, however it did make the first few gears a whole lot smoother and gives the impression of quicker throttle response. Ive had 3 units fitted which all were non functional, sending invalid resistance values which confused the GSXR brain. Worth checking. :evil:

    In terms of price, a smart TRE consists of two resistors, a transistor, a few short wires and two loom plugs.. so dont pay too much for one.

    If you do fit one, would recommend going to your favourite dyno shop to get your fuelling sorted on the new ignition map - this is where the (few) gains are to be made.

    I dont believe they are fitted for emissions purposes, just a safety thing about having quick throttle response and 150+hp in first gear with n00bs behind the bars..
  3. I tried one on my Suz GSXR1000K6 but it did not help, I paid $200 for it but now I find out that you can pick them up for $50.

    Power/acceleration was no different but I was pissed-off that I lost my gear indicator (showed 5th all the time when in gear).

    On some bikes that have a speed limiter in 6th gear, if the bike thinks it's in another gear then there is some advantage (who wants to go over 299 on the street?!!!!!). My GSXR speedo would not go over 299 but at Phillip Island I could feel (and the tacho showed it) the bike was still accelerating well past that, without the TRE fitted.

    O Show :)
  4. Thanks guys. Think I'll give this one a miss. :wink:
  5. Im thinking about getting one done. i'll tell you how it goes, although im getting a bunch of other things done aswell.

    Who the hell doesn't go over 299 on the street?!
  6. Was talking to someone about this and he said don't do the TRE on a zx10r because it does more damage the good it creates a flat spot.
  7. If your not going to get your fuelling sorted with a dyno tune, why fit a TRE? There are significantly more gains to be had in the dyno tune and if your looking for that extra response in the lower gears then your fuelling is going to be just as important as the ignition map. Remember, the factory map is not 'dialled in' for your specific engine and the specific fuel you run. Some bikes can have their ECU reprogrammed to adjust fuelling (Suzuki) however the majority require an aftermarket addon from my understanding - ala power commander.

    For the ZX-10, I believe the only thing affected by gear selection is the ignition map, fooling the early gears into using the 5th and 6th gear map. This shouldnt introduce a flat spot unless there already was one in 5th and 6th.

    ZX-14 is a completely different matter as the secondary throttle butterflies and fuelling are also gear dependant - simply fitting a TRE and not the fuelling will result in very unfriendly air/fuel ratios and lead to engine destruction. :cry:

    Either way, a TRE is not going to make a *huge* difference in and of itself to your bikes performance characteristics.
  8. Mate just going by what someone with the know how said and this is after the dyno tunes.
  9. a mate has one, said it makes a difference but I dint recall him paying much for it

    Its wheelie happy!