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Kawasaki zx10 - Input please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by c0rrupt, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. So... I've been in the city a few times this week and at some point I always find myself standing next to the 2009 zx10 as the ride away price is a jaw dropping $15,999.

    So... I have read the MCN reviews and a few others, I've done the you tubing on it. And it seems like a decent litre bike, but as a buyer my pref is a recent R1 like 08 model

    What I want to know, from the knowledge base on here is what do you know about the bike, have you ridden one - if so what do you think? The price is just too good to ignore.
  2. Any of today's litre sports bikes are FAR more bike (performance) that can be used on public roads.
    Not for 1 second saying they are not an awesome thing to ride / own. I'm enjoying every second of mine, but it does do more than a few track km's, so I do get to exercise the thing regularly.

    That said....

    1] Brand loyalty
    2] Perceived feature benefits
    3] Price
    4] Asthetic preferences

    I would also add that while the gumby's ride away price is more attractive with the factory bonuses, the resale value on near new has been affected.
    But that wouldn't bother you if you plan on keeping the bike for more than a few years.

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  3. So get the R1. ...or go and ride a bunch of bikes. Don't forget to try a 675 on for size, if you like your RVF, you'll think all your Christmases have come at once.
  4. I had one for a day as a loan bike and did not think much of it for a road bike, it would be a weapon on the track though. It was just too nervous over mid corner bumps and the front would slide if there was anything wrong with the road surface at all, then it would hook back up again OK. That may just be tyres and suspension settings. The other thing that bothered me was the pegs were too high, only about half an inch, but just uncomfortable to put your foot back up on again and again, in traffic.
  5. Thanks guys.

    @Mike - hear what you are saying, I don't particularly like the look s of the Kawasaki's but was more tempted at the offer. Maybe I should stick with what I know and like.

    @Yak - Yep, as said above, prob best sticking to the evil I know, and I have had 2 R1's in the past back in the UK, its only due to a ermm lapse of 'better judgement' that I'm on restrictions here, that being said I hear only amazing things about the daytona and by the look of the rear sprocket on the thing i can tell its going to be more grunty down low than other 600's :)
  6. AFAIK the ZX10R is the most powerful litre-bike at the moment with 197hp (200PS). I havent ridden one, but I've sat on the older ones and they are typical superbike style.

    These deals have killed the resale value on supersports, especially Kawasaki's (ZX10 and ZX6). Given the choice, I would be tempted to new/leftover '08 R1's at the 16.8k mark simply because of aesthetics.
  7. if you are over 5'11" think about the kwaka over the r1.

    Either bike is quick enough to scare you!
  8. haha - i'm no Michael Jordan, only 5'8"
  9. Test Ride.....or you'll never know what your missing.

    @Bluezx14...Tyres/suspension setup ....likeley....
    Current sportsbikes are razor sharp requiring only minimal inputs, as a consequence you need to be smooth.
  10. Whichever one you get, you can fix all its problems.
  11. with the cash back atm , they are going for a lot less than 16 k
  12. Saw a Zx10 yesterday at the Auctions go for around the 8 grand mark, nothing to wrong with it either. Massive rear on them!!!
  13. Yea I have an older r1 well set up, it is as sharp or a bit sharper but not as nervous and nor was the 06 zx10. I think it was just poor setup and the rubber was crap, that is what I thought anyway.