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Kawasaki ZX-6R - 2005 & 2006 model...The Same?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by paulmoran, May 9, 2007.

  1. Hey All,

    Just wondering if anyone can clear something up for me;

    Is the 2005 and 2006 Model ZX-R6 Kawa the same bike ?

    Are there any differences at all ?

    Cheers for your help!!

  2. I'm going to say... yes
  3. wow! ...thanks for such a great response .... :p

    seriously though ... does anyone know ?
  4. I am also going to say yes.
  5. I am sure there would be tiny differences, nothing major though.

    Mind you, I might be WAY off.
  6. With the exception of scottaron ...is it "Night of the retards" ...

    Surely if you are going to go to the effort of posting something the very least you can do is write something constructive ?
  7. It would be minor crap like suspension, exhaust and such.
    Why improve a great bike? Just take it as they are all the same, there wouldn't be enoguh of a difference to worry about.
  8. one's a 636 and ones a 599???
  9. Thats 06 (636) 07 (599)

    according to review, slight changes in injector sizes/shap, gearing(taller 3rd),
  10. they the same
  11. They are the same. The only exception is the screen size. The 2006 one has bigger screen (supposedly due to complaints the older screen blocks speedo reading)
  12. Javaman is correct
    screen and colors only :)
  13. awesome! thanks guys!!

    much appreciated ...

    Looks like an '05 ZX-6R is the hands down best Supersport bike to buy of its vintage :)
  14. the 04 to 05 zx6r was the bigger change. the 05/06 had as said the colour and the screen. i think it was well recived in tests in england and won a lot of the 600 comparisons. it also did well against some larger capacity bikes in other tests. i think they changed injectors and fitted the zx6rr race cams to the 05 bikes. suspension was also changed as it is a bit better behaved than the 04 bikes
  15. done a search last night and the 05/06 were 636's the 04 was a 599
  16. ??? i thought they changed in 02. motorbikes.be have 03 and 04 listed as 636cc but kawasaki had both capacities available as you cant race a 636cc bike so they also produced the zx6rr in a 600cc which they have obviously changed for 2007 as they only produce the one 600cc bike now.
  17. For once I am not on the receiving end :LOL:
  18. :shock: For what ???
    Dont see any winning races at the tracks...
    Actually the only Kawasaki I have seen win anything is a gpz900r in its vintage/class .
    So I'll bite . Why is this kawasaki " the hands down best Supersport bike to buy of its vintage " ?
  19. incorrect

    They did change in 02 (otherwise why did I have 636 stickers on my 03? )

    they 03/04 were similar but completely different to the 05/06 which are similar.
    and now the 07 is different .. see the pattern :)
  20. hey its just what it came to when i googled it for a comparison between the two

    my next bike will be a zx10r not into the 600's thats why i'm currently on the litre twin