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Kawasaki ZX 14

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  1. mainstage submitted a new showcase item:

    Kawasaki ZX 14

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  2. Congratz!

    You now have the most satisfying 2-wheeled orgasm known to man... and woman.
    Now you just need to start setting aside money for your tire fund.

    You enjoy that now, ya' hear
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  3. yep, another low flying aircraft :) congrats big time
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  4. I thing spaceship is more accurate :D

    Congrats Mainstage
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  5. Still one of my favorite bikes.
  6. Yes thanks brother :) you know that moment then you turn the throttle and the power hits you .. You smile inside your helmet and laugh to yourself . This is power .

    Now !do I put the M4 pipes back on or stick with original because man ,,the M4s are loud

  7. heh, heh, heh. one of the guys at Mornington Kawasaki had M4 pipes on his.

    Cheezus they were loud. so err, the answer is yes - you should put them on ;)
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  8. nice scooter

    ..... :p
  9. 4 years old and 4,000 on the clock, Why did the PO sell it, He certainly didnt ride it,
  10. I think you've just answered your own question :) and your right No time to ride and needed money for a business . So the story goes
  11. Nice purchase A. The viffers were good but by all accounts you will forget yours very quickly now. What colour?
  12. Hey mate :) black