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Kawasaki ZX-14? Questions...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by redviffer, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I have been trying to get opinions on the ZX-14 Ninja but haven't had much luck getting reviews locally. Only seem to be able to find US reviews. When i search for owners opinions I mostly get US stuff also and its all the same. Every owner so far seems to think its the best bike ever made, they love it to bits etc. I can't find any negative feedback on it at all.

    I'd like to hear what us aussies have to say about it either from people that own them or did own one and got rid of it and why. Also to those who own them how much do you pay on insurance, how far do you get to a tank of fuel and is there a decent set of panniers available for it other than just a ventura rack. If you own one and do a lot of long rides on it i'd especially like to hear from you as i'm curious as to how comfortable people find it on the long runs and what luggage set up you have.

    If this was already debated to death in another post then my apologies for posting as i tried the search and found too much or not enough, that and i'm on a ridiculously slow connection and don't have time to go through all the posts looking for an answer. If you know of a link to a post discussing this already then please send it to me.


    Oh and just out of curiousity, not that i have intentions of killing myself or ever getting to such a high speed but i have heard it has a limiter stopping it going over 300km/h and i also read somewher there is a secondary not very well known and not very publicised limiter stopping it even getting to that. Maybe its just an Australian thing and the US model is different. Does anyone know more about this?
  2. Blue14 will probably pop in soon letting you know, but I'm pretty sure he loves his.
  3. Paging Darwin!!

    I can't see the point of 2 limiters as you mentioned, but I believe all the big manufacturers have made unofficial deals with govts to limit the max speed of bikes to 300kmh.

    My bird hits a rev limiter with still about 600rpm before redline @ 300kmh
  4. Wherever on the speedo it limits you, I can tell you two things:

    1) Your speedo will be wildly optimistic; you're very unlikely to be doing the indicated speed.

    2) Over 250 is well and truly f*cking fast, by the time you see a pothole and process it mentally you're already over the top of it, so pick a nice bit of road.
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  6. At an average of 7% inaccuracy, youd be going 279 at an "indicated" 300km/h. So thus, if the limiter is based off the speedo (which most are) you are limited at under 300km/h
  7. Yes here i am .. :grin:

    These bikes are the best in the business is my opinion. You can go flat out all day or just cruise along just about anywhere.. Tney are limited to 299kph and the 08 model has a revamped intake and fuel system, with head mods as well if i remember to eliminate the down low power problem that the previous owners complained about. I dont have any luggage options, but Darwin has rack a set up. I could honestly go on all day about my bike, but i will copy and paste a post for you below i did a few months ago and ill pm you my no so you can call me for a chat..

    Oh and love this bike is an understatement.. :twisted:


    I have now had the ZX14 for almost 6 months. My first impression of this bike, even on the test ride was it lacked down low performance for a bike of its caliber. But from the day i picked it up, i was soon to learn very quickly what all the fuss was about from this hypersports weapon.

    The sheer torque and power from the midrange, up in to the high range is mind blowing. From high speed, it will still pull some serious G as you twist the throttle even further. :twisted:

    I have since fitted Two Bros Racing slip on cans, staying with the twin pipes as this really suits this bike. I have also added a DNA air filter, and had a PC111 fitted, with a dynoed custom map installed, which has eliminated the down low power issue, and have gained approx 10 RWHP. The real impressive point is the amount of torque this bike produces. :twisted:

    Now for a 215kg dry weight bike you would expect it to handle like the titanic, but not only does the ZX14 go like the wind, it can get you through the tight city traffic as lane splitting is a breeze. With the 190 rear tyre it also handles like a sports bike tipping and turning with ease, and has the most impressive brakes to pull you up as well. :cool:

    It is a comfortable bike for both rider and pillion, has a very well instrumented dash, with high beam lights you could only dream of.
    If i was to make only one bad comment, it would be that at night with the reddish dash illumination, when cars come up behind you, as the headlights shine on he bike, its hard to read your speed or revs. :?

    Yes i am very impressed with this bike. Kawasaki have certainly made some great changes from my ZX12R. So if you are considering one, i would definately recommend swapping the stock pipes and getting it breathing like it should. A note to all though, this bike is a misile, remember its claimed to do 0-100k in 2.5 sec, and run sub 10 sec 1/4 mile times, so yes it can easily scare the pants off you !!

    My final comment is, this bikes road presence is second to none, a real head turner which demands respect.

    Thanks Paul.. :D
  8. Double post.. :grin:
  9. 1) Agreed
    2) Agreed
  10. Have been told that you can stay in 5th and it will go past 300kph..

    But i aint trying it.. Had this thing up to 260 and that was in 5th and i know there was still some amount of throttle to be turned.. :shock:
  11. The amount that you talk yours up makes me want one :p
    Damn uni sucking away all my funds!
  12. Am i really that bad.. :LOL:
    Ah who cares if i am, i love it.. :twisted:
  13. ok ok, thanks for the info, now for the hard bit

    Thanks for the feedback guys, now for the hard part. Who has owned one and got rid of it and why? Was it not comfy enough for the long hauls, not good enough on the twisties, chewed too much fuel, insurance or servicing was too costly, too big a bike for around town, was too scary a machine etc etc.

    Obviously if you own one and love it none of this is applicable as all that stuff is easily overlooked in return for the power, quality of bike and your personal love of your machine.

    The trouble with all good bikes, and there are so so many of them is that people rarely say a bad word about them and if you say "what do you think of your bike", 9 times out of 10 you will never hear anything other than how wonderful it is otherwise they have already got rid of it and opted for something else.

    I'm not trying to shoot it down from the start but there are second hand ones around just as there are with nearly every model of bike. People sell them for their own reasons and thats their right and their opinion. Its that opinion that I'm looking for; why did you sell the so called king of bikes and what did you choose over it and why.

    I love doing the long rides but don't really want to go down the 1400GTR/ST1300 sports cruiser area. I have a VFR800 and it really is the ultimate do everything bike. Its great in twisties, around town and very comfortable on long runs aswell as having good luggage carrying capability. However it is a little lacking in torque and power once you have gotten used to it and pushed it a little harder. It is adequate for one and can deliver when you push it but when riding two up it does feel just a little underpowered, slow on braking and you can feel that its weighted down. Being 6"2 the bigger bikes ie Blackbird and ZX-14 have always appealed to me. Plus knowing you have abundance of power in reserve is always nice.

    I originally went away from a Honda Blackbird as i felt it was too big a bike for the everyday ride however nowadays when i go out for a ride, i just ride and ride and ride, sometimes all day and cover 100's of kms. Its not uncommon for me to go out for a saturday ride and come home 8-10 hours later.

    I live in Canberra and generally don't ride my bike around town as its too small and usually to wet or cold for a good 6 months of the year so getting out of town is what i end up doing most. Having a big bike thats not so good around town isn't as much of an issue to me anymore hence the renewed interest in the bigger bikes.

    I eagerly await your replies :)
  14. I know i love mine and have nothing bad to say..

    But i would be pretty close in saying people who keep them for a short time realise they are a lot of bike for the rd.. and more than likely down size..

    The running costs are no different than any other modern bike..
  15. Mate just remember, when you finish your education, you can buy 2.. :grin:
  17. I love it not a bad word to say, fast, comfy, and corners well. Average fuel comsumption over 14,000 kay's 15.3 klm/l (that is off the computer but it seems about right). Get rid of it why??????