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Kawasaki ZX-10R vs Audi RS6

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by grange, Jan 21, 2013.

  2. That's a quick Audi! :D

    What do those things cost?
  3. Well crickey
    300km/h and the Audi still pulling
  4. That audi isnt stock. They are all limited to 250 from factory. the title also says it has 700hp. The stock is 580. It is a twin turbo v10 however, so quick..
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  5. Gotta love the autobahn
  6. Auto blog report says:

    "Top speed on the standard wagon is 155 mph, while wagons fitted with the Dynamic package are able to get to 174 mph and those with the Dynamic Plus package go all the way to 190 mph."

    Looks like this one has the Dynamic Plus at 305kph top speed.
  7. awesome. want.
  8. Damn thats fast..............titanium balls for the both of them. Leaving a wake of baby kittens behind them.
  9. That was really good.

    This should be compulsory viewing for Australian drivers. Notice how the left lane is practically empty? And even when it's not, notice how the other vehicle moves over straight away?
  10. European laws
    Always move over out of the fast lane once finished overtaking
    Europeans stick to it and it works
    I see its law here but seems to more of a guideline
  11. I agree the vigilance was superb, the traffic was also far lighter than anything you will find in eastern nsw/vic
  12. thats probably because everyone had already got to where they were going and they were not stuck on the monash doing 80ks ;) (a road that looks quite similar to this one).
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  13. they kept moving over as i was going to pass, but i decided not to :)

    you cant go past a mega HP car for top end speed, the bike would belt it from 0-200km/h though, but the dude in the car towards the end left the bike for dead whilst changing the playlist...
  14. 700hp seems to be about the mark for beating bike acceleration, at least the 600's.
  15. How much to beat a CB400? About 1000BHP?
  16. Yeah but will the Audi lift the front when you accelerate away from a green light?o_O