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kawasaki zrx1100

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by vito, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. iam looking at buying one of these and wondering if anyone has had much to do with one and tell me any pittfalls to watch for??a 2000 model

  2. Ummm xrx1100?

    Are you sure you don't mean a ZRX1100?

    If so pick up a copy of Issue 177 of Motorcycle Trader Feb 24 to March 23 (current edition) as that has a very good "Hindsight" article on the ZRX1100/ZRX1200R/ZRX1200S Kawasakis.

    To summarise though, all three are reliable good bikes but the 1100 makes only 90ps at the rear wheel and is not the bike that the 1200's are (which make 110+) at the rear wheel. The 1200's also handle somewhat better due to some suspension alterations. Not that the 1100 is a bad bike, it isn't... it's just a first attempt and the 1200 is improved.

    Oh... and lastly... if you are in the market for a ZRX I have a 2001 build (2002 first registered) ZRX1200R with about 9000kms on it fitted with a Ventura rack and bag and almost new tyres (only 500 kms use down and back to the phillip island superbikes since fitted).

    $8500 and will be sold with RWC.

    PM me if you are interested *grin*
  3. Regret choosing such a niche name now ? ;)
  4. Well... considering I've turned up to all of the (few) netrider rides or events I've been to on either the Yamaha or the Guzzi and not the Kawasaki it's probably already an 'issue' :LOL:

    I'll have to bribe one of the mods when I eventually sell the ZRX I expect though :wink: