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Kawasaki zr250 balius

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mewnz, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone :]

    Have been on the lookout for a bike, my first, and am basically keeping eyes out for vtr250s, 250 bandits, and the balius.

    I have not been able to find much info around on the balius... was wondering if there are any things I should be on the lookout for? I don't have any mechanical experience, but if there are glaring problems with the balius in general, could somebody fill me in / point me in the right direction? It is currently the front runner and I don't want to empty my bank account and come to find it costs as much to keep running :shock:

    I've done searches through the forums but none of the threads seem to have addressed this, if one has and I missed it I apologise in advance.
  2. It's basically a naked ZXR250 - though unlike the ZXR the Balius was sold here officially (though I don't think many were sold). The bike was designed for the Japanese market and exports were limited which is why there's so little info on them (unless you want to learn Japanese). Worth noting there were two versions of the Balius, the one sold here was the Balius II which is the post '97 model. Don't know the exact differences between the two but I think they were significant - could be an issue as far as finding parts goes if you're looking at a pre-'97 grey import.
  3. Don't think I've seen one listed that was pre-97 so far, the one I'm looking at in particular is a 99.

    Thanks for the info! :grin:
  4. If a 250 inline four naked floats your boat, check out the Honda Hornet 250. Seriously sweet lil bike (and a 180 section rear tyre) :cool:
  5. +1
    I test rode the Balius, wasn't a bad bike at all, but doesn't compare to the hornet IMHO
  6. Im looking at the balius/bandits as well, liked the look of the hornets but i would have thought the 19hp (compared to +32hp for the balius/bandit) would leave it feeling comparitively gutless.. or does the hornet have some unbelievable meaty torque curve that never dies off?

    am i thinking of a totally different model here?
  7. :? All three bikes in question should have around 40-45hp afaik.
  8. Yep. All four manufacturers offered naked 4-cylinders (Balius, Bandit, Hornet and Zeal). Engine performance of all of all of them when new was either 45ps or 40ps depending on whether they were built before or after the changes to Japanese law in '94.
    I think you may have been looking at the specs for a CB250 or CBF250 - the Hornet is the CB250F.