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Kawasaki ZR250(Balius) Front Brake & Clutch Lever.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by DamianB, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. I "gracefully laid down my bike" today... and long story short. I've broken both the front brake lever and the clutch lever. - edit: oh yeah it's a '92 bike

    Does anyone know specifically what levers i need. are they pretty much universal where i could get one from pretty much any kwaka and they'll fit? or are they very specific?


    That's what has broken off. top one is clutch. bottom is front brake.

    I have a friend who spends all his spare time fixing & riding bikes. so fitting it won't be an issue. just he isn't sure what to buy.

  2. Should be a standard item. Go to a local bike shop and give them the bike and year details, they'll probably check the book/computer and most likely have the parts in the back. It's what happened when I needed a new brake lever for my bike. Should only set you back about $50 or so.

    Fitting is easy, but my brake lever had a weird bolt. It's screwed into the master cylinder then had a lock nut as well. Guess it was for a double safety thing. So taking the nut off the hitting it wont work. Easy fix, I can do it on the side of the road with my bikes tool kit.

    Finding the actual part no. would be hard without the suppliers book, but pretty much any bike shop will have one.
  3. The closest Kawasaki dealer is about 30k's away from me.

    Any chance at all a Yamaha dealer could help me?. or not even worth going in to ask
  4. It's worth a shot, worst they can say is they don't have one..

    Chances are they'll be able to order one in for you though, since they'd still be making money out of it, regardless if its from a different manufacturer

    Also can I ask how you managed to break the lever on BOTH sides of your bike from gracefully laying it down?

  5. Well I got a Suzuki part from a Kawasaki dealer, so it's worth a shot. BTW my part is for a GS500, but the part says it's for a ZXR600 and GSX750, so I wouldn't be too worried about going to the right dealer.
  6. DamianB,
    Just a little hint that I used with dirt bikes way back when.. drill a hole in your levers at about 1/3 of the length from the outer end, (vertically when lever fitted, sort of...)
    The theory is that it will create a weak spot there, and in a minor drop will break at the hole, leaving you enough lever to use for a while.

    Maybe a few of the older blokes will recall cutting down clutch levers esp on the pommey bikes....(hook up with a bang....)
  7. It was gravel. i got off on the wrong side. as i got off the bike slipped forward and off the stand and then i caught it when it was about half way down. then i slipped and dropped it the rest of the way.

    Wouldn't have been a problem if i got off on the right side. but i guess you live you learn.