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kawasaki ZL1000

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by cogs, May 31, 2006.

  1. for some reason my zl100 won't start. I turn on the key all the lights come on but the bike won't start it doesn't even turn over. when I pop the cluch it will start but the head light is out. is there a safety switch I may be missing.

    Please help if anyone can :?

    Tony Tiroletto
  2. had the same problem a few weeks back with my bike, have you washed it recently?

    I got water in the plugs :oops:
  3. Hiya Cogs/Tony,

    Welcome to the forum mate!! I saw the last 15 posts here this morning when I logged on and spotted the "ZL1000" link so just had to have a look!!! :grin:

    The clutch lockout switch on our bikes seems to be one of those idiosyncrisies of our machines!! Some would call it a "special design feature"!!! :LOL:

    Mine also does the same thing intermittently, .... just every now and then, turn the key, flick the kill switch .. hit the starter .. and nothing!! Pull the clutch lever in and it fires up straight away!! I gave the clutch switch a good squirt through with "contact cleaner" and it was right after that for about 12 months, until it started doing it again. Another squirt through with contact cleaner and it was right again.

    I also have hassles on the same side of the handlebars, with the high/low beam switch, just every now and then switching from high beam to low, it doesnt make contact and all of a sudded the headlight goes out .. a quick flick between hi/lo a couple of times and it's right again. Certainly makes for some interesting moments at 100kph/60mph when you switch from high to low and suddenly you're in the dark!!! :LOL: Same thing though .. give it a squirt of contact cleaner and it's fine again. Bear in mind our bikes are 18 years old now though so little things like this aren't that surprising.

    I checked the lefthand switchblock part number on the Online Kawasaki Parts Diagrams ... http://tinyurl.com/ks45d

    It shows up as Kawasaki Part Number: 46091-1402 - Switch block

    And according to Zedders Part Number cross reference is only fitted to our ZL1000's and the '86 ZL600 so limits availability of crossover spares!!

    The clutch lockout switch is Kawasaki Part Number: 27010-1171 - Clutch switch

    According to Zedders Cross Reference program it is fitted to a large range of bikes, late '80s/90s VN1500's, most of the ZG1200/Voyager series, the ZG1000/Concours and most of the 90s ZX750/ZX-7R series bikes, so should be readily available either through a wreckers and/or Kwaka parts places if you want to go new!!

    Hope all that helps mate. You can always hop over to KERA and see what the guys on that forum can come up with too. See: http://www.eliminator-us.org/kforums/

    Glad you found this forum mate and I hope you're happy with the speedo you got off me via eBay. :grin:

    Hope all that helps, see ya round the forums ..
  4. Hi Ross,

    the speedo works great, it'nice knowing how fast your going :p

    I found a short in the wire harnes for the clutch lockout but I'm not sure where in the harnes it is. what i mite do is cut the wires back to the gas tank and try to reparie it there and run wire backup to the switch so when i have a few beers i don't start the thing in gear. :grin: