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Kawasaki z800

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by WheelsLegman, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone, I havent posted here for a while, busy with uni but I finally got my first non LAMS bike and I just took it for a spin so had to share..

    This is the first unrestricted bike I've ridden, I was a bit apprehensive at first because I've watched too many videos of silly people turning the throttle and inadvertently wheeling new bikes into a crash, but it was actually quite easy to ride compared to my KLX 250sf.

    The throttle response is very smooth and linear and in no way scary, I was worried that because of the mass of it (230kg vs my KLX ~140kg) I may have issues braking smoothly at the lights but it was actually very easy and made my KLX front brake seem really grabby and inferior.

    I just took it super easy around my neighbourhood the trickiest thing is going to be getting used to how the engine sounds for rev matching on down shifts and the bigger turning circle, especially on the slow tight turns.

    Only took it up to 60 kph zone but getting there was sooo much fun! I finally got that grin on my face that you guys always talk about :D

    My original list and reasons for exclusion are as follows-
    Ducati Monster 796 - too expensive

    KTM Duke 690 - sat on one and it felt too small (im 169cm 65 kg female but still I have pic with me on it and my friend agreed it looked small), didnt like the look in person.

    Ducati Streetfighter - Too expensive, not totally sold on look

    Ducati Hypermotard 796 - too expensive, wide mirrors apparently a pain when filtering. didnt want another small fuel range tank.

    Ducati S2R 800 - Soo nearly got this,they make really good looking cafe racers. Thing was only one in my price range was an 05 model and i heard they had tank expansion problems and the timing belt had to be changed every 2 years or it would f*ck the engine. Could have learnt how to do it but dont have time when uni is on. Needed something more bulletproof.

    Motorcycle is my primary vehicle. I dont own a car because i would never drive it as i live in the inner north and it would be a waste of time and money driving to city for work and Hawthorn for uni, so I figured a 4 cylinder bike would be able to put many ks on it and the power would be just right so i dont get bored of it for years to come, the bike has abs and a good sized tank so i can do long trips comfortably. This bike gives me more bang for my buck and looks damn fine too.

    See you on the road!
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  2. Sweet, have fun.
  3. Enjoy it. Interesting short list you had
  4. excellent write up. I hope you have many kilometers of fun and games.
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  5. #5 Kalkadar, Jul 21, 2014
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    Thanks for the write up. Hope you enjoy it for a while to come
  6. Awesome mate. I recently sold my z1000 and Miss it every day
  7. Beautiful bike, well wear :) I think that these are one of the best looking bikes in this category.
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  8. Big big mistake. Unless you sold it because you can't ride a bike like it any more for some physical reason in which case I'm very sorry.
  9. Great bike Wheels, I have the Z1000 myself after riding a KLX250S. I enjoy every ride and always come home with a big grin on my face. My wife always asks what am I grinning at? Unless you ride one of these, you will never know.
  10. I brought a night rod which I love so it's all good
  11. As long as you're happy that's great to hear. Are there any photo's of your night rod on this site?
  12. hmm I'm looking at this and the Z1000 as my next possibly.

    Thanks for the write up :)
  13. Don't think there's any pics mate. Aus-ESP u will love the z1000. Just go easy on that first gear as its a wheelie machine
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  14. Hey Base, I found what I think is your bike on the showcase on this site. Currently appears as the second last photo on the first page. Looks good.

    Aus, speaking from expreinece, you will love the Z1000, I've had mine for two years now and it is amazing, I can highly recommend them.
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  15. Nice! Yeah I thought about the thou as it was around the same price as getting the 800 (looking at second hand) but I thought Id better be a bit more conservative given my riding experience.

    Looking at a few mods such as bar end mirrors, bolt on tail tidy and probably a pipe of some kind, though i really dont mind the stock exhaust sound, more for the look. 4 cylinders sound really nice..ad bits of carbon here and there to pretty it up a bit.

    I like this "belly pan" thing, think it has to be custom made cant this style find it anywhere


    This pipe looks okay too, I think most people get Akrapovic but I like the whole double thing
  16. Nice ride wheels
  17. Get the Z1000, it's a much better bike than the Z800 & is worth paying extra.
    NB ex Z1000 owner.
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  18. If you go bar end mirrors dont skimp and get the CRG arrows, you wont regret it. Ive had these mirrors for while now, first on my ER6n and now on the Z1k and they work and look awesome.
    Almost zero vibrations and you can see literally everything behind you.