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Kawasaki Z800 as a daily

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Daave, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    New to this forum, looks good and keen to get involved!
    I currently own a 2013 GS500 and I ride it daily, I've run it up to 30,000km since buying it brand new. I have an opportunity to pickup a 2013 Kawasaki Z800 ABS for a relatively good price with low K's. I'd be I nterested to hear people's opinions/experiences on the Z800 as a daily bike as well as a bike to hit the windy stuff on the weekend.

  2. Gday and welcome Dave, when posting have a look through the forums to see where your post might best be placed. You'll get better results and keep the wolves from the door.
    I have moved this one for you.
  3. Thanks mate, will keep this in mind :)
  4. I'm commuting on a z1000 and find it pretty good, I imagine a z800 would be a bit more nimble.
  5. I looked at the Z1000's as well, but the price seems to jump significantly :-/
  6. I'm also commuting on a Zthou. Love it, just don't love the fuel economy and going thru my "weekend" tyres. I normally commute on a ZZR250 set up for it, but it's having some work done to it so on the big girl for now. Prefer the thou's power and feel.
  7. Is the fuel economy really that bad? What sort of figures?
  8. I had the last-shape Z750 as a daily rider, no problems on my 30km commute each way to and from work with its neutral ergos and flexible engine. Reliable too. My only complaint would be that it got a touch tiring in heavy traffic due to its weight and the heavy clutch lever. Still, it was comfy enough through the week and a bit of fun on the weekends. I only traded for a Hyper because I don't need to commute anymore (the Hyper hates traffic - low speeds send the oil temps up and the fuel range to shit).

    I can't imagine why the Z800 wouldn't be at least as good as an all-rounder.
  9. 200km to flashing fuel light out of a 13 litre tank. 95RON minimum, whereas the ZZR can take 91RON and gets 300km++ out of what I think (?) is a similar sized tank.
  10. That doesn't sound so bad - what kind of riding is that? My Z750 had an 18L tank and I sometime got the fuel warning after just 180km of peak hour commuting with a lot of filtering. It went out to 240km with more civilised riding.
  11. It's about 20km less than I'd normally get I think. Varies a bit though. I suppose it depends on how much I fang it at the lights!
  12. It always does, doesn't it? Honestly, I don't mind pulling into a bowser when I know the fuel went to a good cause.

    Emoticon check: :watching::pics::clown::couchpotato:
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  13. Cheers for the feedback guys, I'm going to have a gander at the Z800 on Tuesday. Sounds like ill be buying it, ha ha.
  14. And, on the fuel economy note. My GS500 wants to flick to reserve at 350KM (20L tank) - No comparison to the bigger bikes I know, but that thing is unreal on fuel.
  15. 15l tank for the Z, not 13.
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  16. The 800 seems like a pointless bike to me, good in theory, but the 800 is heavier than the 1000, negating the point of an ~750cc class bike
  17. The 800 is actually a whale compared to the 1000 lol
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  18. Was going to say is it still the case with the new 800's being heavier thatn the 1000's as it was between the 750's and 1000's.

    I have the z750 and as said above it does everything pretty well. The seat is uncomfortable on longish highway runs (30min +). But I do regret not just going the 1000 straight up just to have a a lighter more nimble feeling bike. I was worried it was going to be too much bike for me but looking back now I reckon I would have been fine.

    The 800 is going to feel like an absolute rocket in comparison to your GS but you will get used to it pretty quickly afterwards.
  19. The Z800 is built on fundamentally the same platform as the 2007 Z750, whereas the Z1000 got a whole new frame in 2010 and major update in 2013. The last year when the Z750 was lighter (just) than the same-year Z1000 was 2009, which was the last year before the development paths diverged.

    Not really the same comparison in 2008 when I bought mine (the Z1000 was heavier back then) but yeah, I do regret not buying a slightly older Z1000 instead of a near-new Z750. They're both reliable bikes anyway, and the bigger one had so much more scope for development (both in terms of modificaton and also for me as a rider). It's a similar story with the current models, especially since they have the same fuel capacity now.
  20. I had a Z800 last year, Was a good bike, but you do get use to it fast, still was fun to ride. It is a bit heavy but you dont feel it to much surprisingly, got about 200-220 to a tank. and is a pretty reliable bike from the time I had it. I traded up the to new Z1000 as I just prefer the extra power and the look. But If Money was a concern for me I would have kept the Z800 quite happily