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Kawasaki Z750R 2011 ... yes please!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by SnOOkered, Sep 27, 2010.

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    A mate just found this...

    And my nice Z750 just got nicer(mine is green and black so its the same as the R surely?).... and I think its going to devalue more because of this thing, can't wait to find out pricing! Although I'm not sure if this will purely be targetted towards the European market given its huge success there?

    What you guys think? S3R killer or equal footing now?
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  3. Looks.... interesting. Lot of cool designs coming out now. Wonder if this has anything to do with the GSR750 on the way...
  4. Dude. Street Triple R killer? This thing is 230kg wet. Hahaha. Only way it is going to kill any Street Triple is if it lands on top of it.
  5. Dude. It was an open question, not a statement. But the R seems it will have shed some weight though full-aluminium swing arm?
  6. I am just basing what I said on that 230kg weight figure, which is what is found online atm. AFAIK, weight has always been the biggest negative of the z750, it has always been heavy, but 230kg doesn't sound quite right(?).
  7. Well i wouldnt say for the new R version anyway, my bike wet inside the manual is apparently 226kg, So i'd say the R is somewaht lighter...but yes in comparison to the S3 it is heavy ( i was more of the opinion the R is should be waaaayyy better to ride with the new setup, as the weight shouldnt play too much of a factor once your going)
  8. Yeah, you are right. It is supposed to cut down a little weight with the new swingarm at least.

    Did you get your bike recently? Just after I got my Street Triple in early 2008, Triumph announced the R version. Timing was annoying, but I still love this bike.
  9. Nice find! ;) :p

    Nahhh I love it.... have always loved the Z's and this really does seem like a true baby z1000!! I'm loving the blacked out exhaust & more agressive look on the headlight cowl!

    As for the rest, only time will tell! I'm just glad that they're releasing more purpose built naked bikes, whether to compete with other companies or not, it just opens up better options on the market!

  10. I really hope that weight isn't true, that's fking ridiculous for a 750. Low 200's would be reasonable but 230 seems over the top.

    I really do like the styling of this bike though.
  11. Got mine about this time last year.. don't think I could have held out that long(Even if I knew). But yeah this looks good, not sure if I would be able to pick it up brand new as I did my 09 model though... Hopefully its $10,990 on the road too :D

    BUT I'm guesstimating around the 14k mark I think