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Kawasaki Z750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by awseome, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Have been thinking of buying a bike for a while after i sold my baby ninja, finally have decided to go for a kwakaZ750, what do you guys think about the bike?


  2. Looks seksy. Haven't ridden it. But from what I've read (and I've read alot about it) the powerband is great, very useable. Its relatively for the rider, but terrible for the pillion (especially the new ones, look at the rear seat!). You can pick them up very cheap, eg. 7000 for an 04-05 one with pipe and maybe few other mods, lowish kms.

    It was on my list as maybes, and I wouldn't be surprised if I picked one up down the line some time.
  3. They are a pretty nice bike for a kwaka :p

    I had a brief test ride on one a mate was looking at buying...overriding impressions were of a good solid fun bike...the bike was fairly vibey though
  4. :grin: i know i liked the looks cant ride it tho they dont have any demos of them, plus its like 11000$ onroad. thats a good discount i guess
  5. Should consider getging a used one. They lose ALOT in depreciation in the first two years.
  6. nice laking bikes i heard the suspension was a bit lacking in adjustability?
  7. Tis. Its a budget bike, but its a hell of alot of bang for your buck.
  8. I've had one for 2.5 years and still love it. I commute on it everyday and have a blast on my way to work - great for zipping through traffic. I've done almost 35K k's on it and will probably keep it quite a while longer, no real reason to change, there's more than enough power and it'd easy to mod if you want to (i put akra pipe and all the other usual stuff).

    Go and try one, you'll be smiling from ear to ear!
  9. Yup still loving mine.

    How's the zx6r shock working for you sly?
  10. i put down a deposit on one tdy.. cant wait to get it.. its 2008 orange one. no blues available :(
  11. having fun on mine too,lotsa useable power,stronger low down in the rev range for commuting,can be a bit vibey at high revs and lack of fairing can be a tire on long" high" speed trips,but seating position is more comfy than many sportsbikes(imho)and overall good value for what you pay.
  12. I have had my 07 model for about 5 months now & am loving it . It needed some things done to it, the can is a shocker so i put a leo vince oon it . I hated the mirrors so put some bar ends on , also did the usual fender elim & also added some renthal streetfighter bars . Am now doing a hugger & bellypan after which it will be just as I want it .

    After coming from a CBR600 its great to have a bike where you dont have to be changing gears constantly. Its also great to have the upright position & the bars be above cars mirrors. I use it as my sole transport & ride it every day. Its got enough suspension adjustability for me to ever need . My other half gets lifts all the time & though its not super comfy for her its fine, we have done 2 or so hour trips with no issues.

    For the price I dont think you could go wrong, I looked at all the options but I thought the Z looked best for teh $ , plus its so easy to ride & has more power than I will probably ever use. Loving it.
  13. picking it up tom, and look forward to some great memories on it. thanks guys for sharing your thoughts on this
  14. I've put about 2,000 kays on an 07 model and I'm really happy with my decision.

    Things i like - awesome upright seating position, good spread of power - nice chunky bit comes on at 4,000rpm, - looks, value, silky smooth fuel injection system.

    Things I could do without - bloody hard seat, suspension is pretty average (when pushed hard), surprisingly average fuel economy, bit porky.

    It has its good and bad points like anything i guess. But I reckon the way I'd sum it up is, it's just so fun to ride. I find myself soon forgetting about all the negatives and loving the ride experience. Except the hard seat.
    Would I buy another one next time round - probably.

    Just ordered an aftermarket can for it the other day too! :cool:
  15. Just got it yesterday, and i swear to god its the easiest bike i have ridden, its been two days but am absolutely in love with it.
  16. z750


    Looks like a great price you got that for. I'm about to get one of these for myself. Mind if i ask where you got it?

  17. hey mate got it from 1300kawasaki on springvale road. talk to stuart he is a champ.

    have fun just put a 1000ks on it and enjoyed it all.
  18. Congrats mate.

    Wait till you put a powercommander, pipe, braided brake lines, upgraded rear shock and sporty tyres on it........then it'll put a permanent :grin: on your face!
  19. Ferntree Gully Rd perhaps?

    Agreed, Stewy is a champ. Long time friend of mine. Bought my bike through him too. Well, him and Scott when he was there. (now at ringwood)