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Kawasaki Z750 your views

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by yohcaptain, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. Hi all :) im currently looking to up grade soon and im swinging towards a Kawasaki Z750 ... or maybe the Z1000 .. i would like to hear from people who own those types of bikes or have a fair good insight on them .. ive looked at others but i cant stop looking back at the Kawka .. :p .. Im thinking of picking one up brand new but would consider 2nd hand if price is right :cool: ..Ty for all who gave me suggestions on a earlier post :wink:

  2. I'm in the same boat as you, that is, not far from upgrading.
    I get my zzr serviced at floyd parkes, so have been haunting them all year on what is going to be the upgrade.
    Latest, most likely is er6f (blue 2007). This is mostly because my main riding is the daily commute east keilor to east burwood, and the feeling is the er will give the best performance for this work and still not disappoint out on the road (i want to buy Seany a beer/coffee and ask about his experiences, just before final decision). Sorry, i digress. I liked the z's and they were a prime choice for a while, but have sort of been turned away from them, based on advice that they might not be the best at low to mid range, so not as good for commute. I will watch the responses from others, with interest.
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  7. Just a point of intrest, I sent an Email off to Kawasaki Aus with regards to the new Z750 and Z1000 (As shown on the UK website) and they confirmed that both will be released in Australia early in the new year.
  8. Using excell i made a bang for your bucks formula, by punching in the power and price, it gives a bfyb index, and with all the bikes i have in there (about 30) the Z750 has the best bfyb index. The method is similar to that of the motor magazine system.
    So for your money, its a good buy.
    You will get a current model cheap, if you can live with having it superseaded in a month or two.
  9. Clearly this is a run-out sale, it can only mean one thing: new model is just around the corner! I think the 07 model is worth waiting for, I like the current one just fine, but the new one looks even better. Most importantly, it does away with that stupid unreadable LCD tacho!
  10. The tacho is simply not that bad

    I had the same tacho on the zx6 as I have on the z1000 and it is not a problem at all, I can see the revs fine

    I think you'll find the majority of owners don't have a problem with it
  11. Hmm, I'm not sure if having the highest power output for the lowest production cost is necessarily a good thing :p. I've always liked the saying "cheap, fast, reliable - pick two".
  12. Archie you will know nothing until you ride it yourself, alongside a bunch of others.