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Kawasaki Z750 Genuine accessories - Where are they??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by gjonesy, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Well how does it happen that the Australian Kawasaki website shows only one accessory for the 2008 Z750?? (A generic bike cover, wow great thx)

    Had a quick look at the UK (and any other European) website and they list 17 different items with all colour options. (Belly pan, mirrors, wind screen, seat cover, engine guards etc..)

    You could easily think that Kawasaki were not in the business of wanting to sell things...

    Does anyone know if these items can be sourced from Australia? I don't fancy the exchange rates and shipping charges for ordering a few larger items.. (will have to bite the bullet if no other options, mind you) :mad:
  2. For bodywork type stuff:
    www.powerbronze.com.au - C/F & fibreglass ad-ons

    www.geelongcarboncraft.com.au - carbon tank protectors

    Other Bolt ons like engine covers - Zed Specific:
    Rizoma has some bits for Z's (there are aussie stockists)

    If you're not already on there I reccommend the zed section on http://www.riderforums.com/index.php, most peeps post part#'s for their mods.

    I wouldn't expect Kawasaki to make/stock aftermarket body parts for the naked bike range.
  3. accessories

    if you're after genuine stuff drop into your dealership, they may have access to more than you are on the site, alternatively there is a plethora of bits and pieces available to bling up your z