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Kawasaki Z750 Colour

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by gabak, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Hi all i have been looking and I just was wondering if the Kawasaki Z750 comes in Kawaka green i know the z1000 does. As it may be my next bike if it comes in green otherwise i will be going the z1000 as it comes in green

  2. Hey There

    I have the Z750 in red and to me its the best colour of all the range, I've seen the blue one and it looks dull, here in the UK the popular colours are silver and black.

    The green isnt an option at the moment I dont think
  3. Pretty sure its only black and orange here in OZ.......go the black :)
  4. The 06 z1000's don't come in green either :)
  5. I know a girl who got her zed painted kwakka green cos she just had to have it green :)

    I was thinking of getting an SV and if it isn't black.. then I am going to paint it kwakka green :)
  6. Lizzy do you know how much it cost to respray?
  7. sorry I don't know how much it cost her :(

    We had one of our bikes re painted a different blue for $300 though :).. but that was by a spray painter we know :)
  8. Oh okay - must be a good friend:)