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Kawasaki Z750 2008 (ZR750L)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by gjonesy, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. Just ridden a few hundred k's on my Z750 and thought I'd put a few words together.

    Passed my P's in May and had a K7 Suzuki GS500F beforehand.

    Picked up the Blue Z750 two weeks ago from Sydney City Motorcyles. First 'big' bike.

    Started the engine and 'Blimey' that sounds a little different to the GS. What I've been reading from you learned chaps about the difference between Twins and i4's was starting to become clear. I do like the 'thump thump' of the GS but this is something new and feels much more modern. Right now I'm a little scared.

    Sat on the bike and it does feel tall (I'm 1m 82cm) but can get both legs down and slightly bent without any issues... all good there. Footpegs are low and slightly set back.

    Blipped the throttle and thought I might just flip the bike up in the Dealership car park, so I told sales chap that I'd 'take my time'...basically bugger off, I don't want to look silly taking off :roll:

    Pulled clutch in, sh1te, that is one heavy clutch...I'll have a huge left hand after riding this bike for a while, I'll look like those monitor crabs with one huge pincer.

    Placed into 1st and with help from the rear brake, all good getting onto main road. Shiiiite how smooth is that engine, it feels like a really restrained and controlled powerplant. Very easy with slow riding. First gear is miles longer than my GS. I used to have to change up quick to get going. This feels like I can just use the one gear... Happy days.

    Gear changes are smooth and have had no false neutrals yet. Neutral can only be set going up from 1st and not down from 2nd, which is clever. Got more a 'clunk' when changing gears than I imagined. But that could be me.

    Mirrors, check mirrors, what! I can't see a damned thing apart from my shoulders. Think I was a little spoilt with the GS. These mirrors suck. If I lean really forward and pull my shoulders in, I can just about see behind.

    Not having a fairing is odd (caming from a GS500F). The front forks appear to be at a straighter angle, a little like a Buell I guess, but not so harsh an angle.. I felt like I would do a stoppie if I use the front brakes. Weird, took a few days to get over that one. Still feels like I'm sitting very forward on this bike though.

    Steering, well let me say that I don't appear to be steering the thing, it responds far better (than GS) to body movement and seems to steer by thought. Very nice and confidence inspiring. The Dunlop Qualifiers seem to warm up pretty fast and the grip is actually felt. I am definitely feeling more 'connected' to the road than with the GS.

    Went down familiar roads and can only say that even though the suspension is not rock solid (it has been set for my 90 Kgs) it is very hard compared to the GS500f. It took me by surprise when hitting a few potholes and mid corner bumps and is not as forgiving as the GS. More sporty model so I expected it. Let me say that my legs are holding onto tank just that little tighter now.

    Front brakes are very good, it took the first 200K's to bed in and are getting better on each outing. Twin petal jobs up front and a single rear.

    Fuel range is nowehere near as good (of course) as GS. GS could do 400+Km per 20l. The Z750 so far is looking at around 250 Km for 18.5l. Now I have a fuel guage, clock and digital speedo...pretty cool and easy to read.

    Lights are much more powerful than GS, they actually would take my Forester on for brightness. This bike has a more powerful horn than I've experienced before. It doesn't sound like a scooter and would have some cars beat for loudness.

    Exhaust note is a mix between mid tone raspy and throaty. I guess most riders would upgrade it, but I'll stick with the huge corn flake box for now. Very quiet when idling and 'pootling along' but gets throaty and noticeable after 4k rpm. (Still running her in...)

    Well, without knowing it I appear to be going 20/30 Kph faster than I would usually do so on known roads. Better keep a check on that as my licence will take a hit at some stage. Bike is very composed and therefore cannot guage speed as easily. Can't imagine what it would be like with a 1000cc bike.... mmmmmm :roll:

    Glad I made the move on from the lovely GS. It really is a completely different experience though.
  2. Nice review mate, I am considering getting one of these toys, I used to own a 2004 z750, they're fun bikes.

    If you don't mind me asking how much did the zed cost you including on road costs? (Hoping the new model is in my budget..)
  3. The deal at the moment on the Z750 is $10,990 on the road. Insurance did not go up for me from the GS too :cool:
  4. Good write up - honest in finding a few negatives but all in all great value and enjoy :cool:
  5. That's pretty good price. You get alot of bike for your money.

    Glad your enjoying your bike. It was my first big bike 2005 z750, bought it second hand bout 2 years ago and i've still got it.

    When i first got it i thought it was sublime. Brakes/handling/acceleration everything. As i slowly got better at riding i've found that i needed to upgrade certain parts of the bike to accommodate my riding. Its taught me alot about how each part of the bike works so its an enjoyable learning process.
    Braided brake lines give a more definite and responsive action
    Upgraded rear shock allows for smoother riding and confidence in corners
    Metal footpegs allow for greater feedback through feet and better confidence in corners
    Power commander refines throttle control

    Note - if you find the mirrors vibrating alot you can replace them with the aprilia tuono mirrors. That's the case with my model and i think it might still apply to yours.