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Kawasaki Z300

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by basejumper, Nov 5, 2014.

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    I'm seriously looking into getting one of these. Was quite interested in the Ninja 300 but not into fully faired bikes.

    This will be my first road bike and I understand it may be bigger $$ for a first bike but I have a reason. My wife will soon be getting her license also (soon as in about 6 months after doing some decent learner training). She is pretty short and isn't very confident so this may well end up a long termer for her, and a learner ride for me in the meantime. For me, I like the idea of being able to give the bike a little stick without being too over the top for a first bike. There won't be a great deal of highway riding, mostly for commuting in the early days.

    Was just quoted around $7300 ride away with 6 months rego. The rrp is $5990 so I was a little surprised by the ORCs. Can someone comment on if this seems normal or a bit over the top. And/or if I should expect it to be over the top with a model that is brand new and probably pretty highly sort after. ORCs would be rego ($375?), dealer delivery, build cost (besides the obvious, what does it mean?), stamp duty (2% = $119), insurance?.......so I'm estimating the delivery and build cost is around $800 as insurance would be for me to sort out given its not financed. Seems steep.

    Apologies if this thread isn't the place to ask such questions (newbie), was going to start another but decided I better search the bike first for an existing one.

    Or should I just stump up for a Gladius and tell the Mrs to get her own bike? :0
  3. Dont know about all the stamp duty stuff,sorry can't help you there.Will say the 300 i believe is a great little bike.Mine has 50,000 km on it and hasn't caused me any trouble.Paid $7200 on road,2.5 years later would be lucky to get 3 grand for it.Mate of mine bought the same bike last month for $4500 with 5000 km on it.Should look at second hand,give it to the wife when you're ready to upgrade.Fairings are fuel efficient.
  4. Thanks Benny, for $7300 new I could buy two bikes instead of just the one. There is a big psychological difference to me between a number like $5990 and $7300. $5990 seems like its close to 5k, $7300 seems like its on its way to 10.
  5. I have a somewhat cynical opinion of the Z300, I think kawasaki built it to try and compete with the 390 duke, if it were my money i'd be buying the ktm.
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  6. More likely, I think they built it because they've already done the heavy lifting with the engineering on the Ninja 300 and the styling/branding of the Z family so for next-to-nothing they get a foot into another popular sub-segment. They'd be stupid not to.

    Could totally see a lot of LAMS buyers gravitating to the Z300 as the headache-free naked option. Personally, even as a former Kawa Z owner I think the Duke 390 is far more appealing.
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  7. Can't say I'm a fan of the look of the 390 to be honest.

    If the Z300 was released last year and there were a bunch of LAMS riders selling to upgrade I think I'd definitely get one. New? I don't think so.
  8. I'd take a Thai built Kwaka over an Indian built KTM any day.....

    Although I ride an Italian so this comment has traces of hypocrisy.....
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  9. Will be test riding a bunch of bikes tomorrow and although I know I won't get a new Z300 and they're all new at this point, I'll probably ride it anyway to see how it goes.
  10. The ninj 300 is a great little learner bike and would be perfect for your missus. I am height challenged and the ninj was easily lowered, suspension altered and risers attached.
    Paid $7000 on road new. They have good resale as well.
    Don't tell my little ninj but once I get off my poobs she will be retired. Have found that on a longer ride the lack of torque is a bit disconcerting but for now I'll live with that as still gaining experience.
    She corners really really well, is very forgiving if you fling her around a bit and I have managed to get some great speeds out of her in third through the corners...good little commuter bike as well.
    I have to get this in...chuck a good pipe like a yoshi on a ninj and she is a tasty little number!
  11. Highly recommend the ninja 300 as well. A mate is picking up a 2014 ABS for $5800 new. z300 being so new may not get as much discount.
  12. From the pics, this is a nicer looking bike than the current Zthou. More like mine. Be interested to hear any member reviews - not that I want one.
  13. Ninja & Z300 both look better than my former GS500F. I suppose modern bike vs old but solid.
  14. Hi, I got my licence on a Honda 125E, so the Z300 was awesome to test ride. I'm only 1.57 m, so felt very comfortable on it. I also enjoy having my legs tucked in. My local dealer quoted $6500 with on-roads and lowering will take off an inch ($200). For me, at this stage, I feel this bike will do all that I require of it. I've been advised countless times to wait for my open licence, but not sure if I want to go with more power; then you also have bigger bikes and seat height already is an issue.
  15. I know what you mean with saying a bike seems like it will be enough even after LAMS. I rode my brothers street triple R on the weekend and while I understand it's way quicker than any LAMS bike, I don't know why one wants something that fast or faster.

    For me, if it gets from A to B safely and not annoying the shit out of me (most 250's on 100). Then that's great. Probably why I like cruisers.

    Maybe I don't have enough rising time up yet to make that call I guess.
  16. www.crazydogs.com.au

    Free onroads currently available for the Z300 giving a ride away price of $5990. Suddenly I'm interested again.
  17. Brought mine from Crazy Dogs. Great people to deal with and price as advertised. Rather buy from a family firm than a large outfit.

    Really happy with the bike, looks great, handles well, economical and enough power for me ( at the moment).
  18. Hey New Zeed300,

    Congrats on the purchase.

    Thinking about one of these also. Did the $5,990 include ORC?
  19. Seems quite a bargain, considering recently someone was quoted about $7400.
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  20. Great price indeed! I would be tempted by $5,990 with free ORC if I could get that in Sydney somewhere. Just got my L's and the Z300 is a bike on my list, along with the Duke 390.

    Any particular reason why you went the Z300? Did you look at any others?