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Kawasaki Z300 vs Honda CBR250R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mike Tranter, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    I'm new to riding, and looking to buy my first bike.

    I've narrowed it down to either the Kawasaki Z300 or the Honda CBR250R.

    I was wondering whether anyone has any key reasons for either?

    Most importantly, which is cheaper to own, in terms of maintenance and parts?

  2. Welcome mate. First question is - have you ridden either yet? If not that may help make up your mind.

    Also, you have a naked Kwacka vs a fully faired Honda. So which style do you prefer? If its fairings then you should look at the Ninja 300 rather than the Z.
  3. Even if you don't feel confident to test ride, go and sit on both and see which one feels better for you
  4. This is one thing I struggled with as a newbie, and still do. Test riding bikes when you don't have experience is a daunting task! I don't know the answer but I assume dealerships are covered insurance wise so it should in theory relieve some of the stress of riding a bike you're not familiar with while having little to no experience riding at all.
  5. Thanks for the replies.

    Nope, haven't ridden either yet. As two40 says, I'm a bit worried because I wouldn't feel confident riding on a road. I'll take your advice and go and have a look anyway though.

    As for the look, I much prefer naked, but am considering the Honda because its cheap (all I want is a cheap bike with ABS).
  6. Go sit and feel how the ergo's work for you. Some bikes may have footpegs in the wrong position, etc, and can be excluded reasonably quickly.
    What sort of budget you looking at?
  7. Will do, any recommendation for a place to go in Melbourne?

    Could do anything below 4k, but preferably around 3k
  8. Mate there's not too much around at present lke that - have a look atthese links to gumtree and bikesales.
    Free local classified ads

    Used Road LAMS Motorcycles for Sale in Victoria - bikesales.com.au

    If you live in the east just go to ringwood and visit peter stevens and A1, plus the used place behind A1 as they have plenty of old bikes to sit on. If in the city just go to all the bike shops in Elizabeth st and wander around

    I have a mint CB400ABS for sale but its about twice your budget so probably not doable - but pm me if interested.
  9. Cheers for that chillibutton. If you remove the 'Capacity 250-600' selection on bikesales there are quite a few more (I'm a learner, so don't mind a 250)

    A guy on gumtree is willing to sell me his Z300 for 4k with next to no km's, which seems like a pretty good deal.

    I actually originally decided on a CB400 ABS, but unfortunately I just can't afford one.
  10. Huh bugger me, I was wondering where all the 250's were - bloody silly not to include them in 250-600 category isn't it!
  11. Sure is, not sure who's idea that was....
  12. I have the Z300 for just under a year and love the bike to bits( few things like slipper clutch and 17L tank that pretty much covers 400km approx just to name a few ). As other have sugested even if you are not comfortable test riding ( i never test rode any of my bikes mainly because im a shorty and all my bikes has been lowered ) but sitting on them etc actually SIT ON ALL even ones that wasn't even on your list . Also consider what type of riding you will be doing on the bike,as for my self the Z is perfect ergo since my bike is more of weekend toy for going on long trips ( had a sporty type for my first and that hurt my back after some time ). Take a bike friend with you so they can help as well , i was lucky to have my partner help with my bike shopping and the Z was not even on my list ( i was dead set on the SE ninja 300 at the time )
  13. If you can get a Z300 for 4k or thereabouts, then there is no question. Get the Z300. If you don't crash it, you'll be able to sell it in 12 months for what you paid very easily if you want to upgrade then.

    I did my time on a ninja 300 and loved every minute of it.
  14. I have a Ninja 300 and absolutely love the little beast, it handles reasonably well for a bike with basic suspension and the fact i am 6'4" and 117 kg it does everything easily. I commute daily and ride on weekends, its good on fuel and reliable as anything.I would go the z 300 any day of the week and if ridden smoothly it will surprise some bigger bikes when things get exciting on the twisty bits.
    cheers oldkat