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Kawasaki z250c

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by 4belux, May 12, 2010.

  1. Hey i am new to this so sorry for sounding stupid :oops:

    I have a 1980 KZ 250 C Single cylinder.

    I got an oil leak, so my brother inlaw and myself pulled it apart, we did mark everything (except timing chasin itself), put all new seals through and put it back together. Somehow we have managed to stuff up with the camchain and now it has a knock in it. It sound s to use like the timing is out, but i am unable to find a repair manual online and every kawasaki dealer on the sunshine coast says the bike is too old and they cant help me!

    Any ideas as to how to get the timing right or where i can find a manual would be appreciated.

  2. hey we sorted out the knock, apparently the auto cam chain adjuster was in incorrectly. But it still wont start.
    Theres plenty of fuel and spark.
    any ideas?
  3. Do a compression test.
  4. Thumb over the spark plug hole should show if there's enough there for it to at least start.

    Check that the inlet valve is opening/open as the piston descends.
  5. Figured out that we stuffed up on the timing the first time and tried to start it with the key. Motor jammed up. Logical conclusion after "finger test over spark plug hole", Valve staying open. Pulled carby off and put hand over carby opening and there is air coming back out!


    I stupidly bent a valve.

    Rang Kawasaki brisbane and i am able to get new valves and springs for it, so will have to wait untiil i got the money now!

    Lessoned learnt there.

    Thanks to all for the input and will let you know how i get on later.

  6. An expensive lesson mate, probably going to cost more than the bike is worth to be honest, but I commend you for jumping in the deep end. You really need to ask advice or buy a manual before tackling such tasks. In the old days, any bike mechanic would be willing to give you all the help and advice you needed, but these days they are much more coy, and customers not allowed into workshop areas to hassle the mechanics like they used to :)..
  7. Luckily it should only cost 200 all up. 150 for new inlet and outlet valve and springs.I am, allowing 50 for fitting the valves at shop. I had a manual for it , but it was on the computer and it died a week ago!

    I have replaced heads before, but on cars and im "man enough" lol to admit i screwed up.

    A huge thankyou to all those who responed so quickly.

    Also i agree with you mechanics around here dont really like giving out too much advise, but kawasaki in slacks creek brisbane did give me alot of over the phone advise. Big thankyou to them. The couple of mechanics i spoke to up here just said the bike was to old and didnt really want to help.

    Thanks to all again
  8. Go, baby zed, go!

    I have a '79 z200, which I think has a fairly similar engine so I'll give you the links I have for it:

    Workshop manual. Obviously be careful about using the specs from this manual for your engine, but it's better than nothing.

    You might find the parts diagrams here, which can be useful.

    Have fun putting it back together again.