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Kawasaki Z1400 (naked ZX-14)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jd, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Seems to be a few rumours floating around the 'net that Kawasaki is planning on producing a naked version of the new ZX-14 to be sold alongside the Z750/1000 line-up. Only pic I've managed to track down so far was from the cover of a Japanese mag - must say I like it a lot more than the faired version.
    Edit: Found a better pic :).

  2. ditch those ugly sidee bits and you've got a winner :grin:

    kwak do need a decent big bore naked too, the old ZRX is looking a little TOO retro, the GSX1400/XJR1300/CB1300 are all looking a SHITLOAD better than it. but a nice big version of the Z would definately throw something new into the class :twisted:

    wheres my local tatts outlet again? :LOL:
  3. Holy Sh!t!!!!!! :shock: :twisted:
    That thing would be insane!!!
    Can't wait to see one of those in the flesh. :cool:
  4. The side bits are okay - a bit Benelli TnT'ish but they look fine to me.

    That thing would be an absolute weapon. I hope they build it.
  5. A bit of Benelli, yes - but closer to home, this is also the look they used in their own ER6n! I think the whole thing looks pretty good; a fair bit of the Z1000/750, I just hope they kept the nice analogue instrument cluster from the ZX-14 rather than that awful LCD display thing on Z1000 and Z750, which alone almost makes me cross Z750 out from my would-be purchase list!
  6. Definately got that B-King feel to it as well, that bulldoggy, squat sort of look.

    Looks a bit bulky and heavy for my taste, but the throttle would certainly grab your attention.

    I'd search the cover of that mag for the name "Jean-Marie Guerin" though, because anything that bloke photochops up is guaranteed never to come into existence - or if it does, it goes through a crapifier first.
  7. that would be one awesome bike.. I like very much.. :twisted: