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Kawasaki withdraw's from MotoGP!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. Fark, but of the teams, they'd be the one who can pull out the easiest. They have the least success and least likely future success of any of the teams.

    I note that in Crash.net that someone asks about the WSB effort. I think WSB will largely be unaffected as the 'factory' teams are really private entrants with factory support.

    Motogp with 17 rider grids. Yikes.
  2. Bombshell dropped...

    Very worrying news.
  3. F#ck Motogp. Mostly irrelevant and winning depends on who spends the most. And whinges the most. Not looking at Honda mind you.
    Yay for Superbikes. The best RACING week in week out. It's now not quite as good as the Fogarty/Slight/Chili/Edwards/Haga era but it will get better I think. The opposite of Motogp I suspect.
  4. No one at the front of the grid will even notice :grin:

    That is very big news (if true), will be interesting to see the fallout.
  5. This is a shame. Expect more of it, though.
  6. Where does that leave Marco Melandri? Poor bugger has had a diabolical 2008 and now this.
  7. It leaves him unemployed, I guess.
  8. So who's left?

    A workmate here just said they should rename it "The Gay Olympics".
  9. :( The GFC fallout continues...

    I hope there's a special place in hell for all the financial wizards and greedy pricks who helped engineer this financial parlour state onto the world.
  10. Rob, I don't think this is necessarily a GFC issue. Kawasaki have been monumentally unsuccessful in both their Motogp and WSB efforts. Given that their business profitability is affected, spending even $20m for zero return would be a unwise move. I don't believe that if Kawasaki were a comfortable mid-field team that they would be contemplating leaving.

    The GFC gives them a plausible reason for leaving with next to no loss of face. As with Honda and the AMA.

    Even Subaru could leave WRC without impact as they have most definitely left their impression on the WRC and no longer need the brand building that was essential when they were nearly broke in the early 90's.

    I'm happy to see Kawasaki leave if it injects some sanity into the big spending excess that Motogp has become.
  11. Fair 'nuff Cejay. I guess this gives them the "air" of saving face by being able to pull out for financial reasons rather than results ones...

    I still want a special place in hell for the financial greedy pricks though...

  12. +1!!

    I'm sure the GFC made the decision a LOT easier for them. When you have a responsibility to your employees and shareholders, spending the sort of money that Motogp requires for zero positive return can't be sustained. I am sure that if they were up there and regularly getting good results (and therefore the positive press) it'd be much harder to leave. Racing is stuff all to do about 'improving the breed' and all about marketing. And I can see the Kawasaki spin department struggling to get positives about finishing dead last most weeekends.
  13. 28th December = Spanish April Fools day.

    naf said.
  14. Assuming that this news of Kawasaki's withdrawal from MotoGP is true, do you think that had they stayed with the 990cc model, less rider aids and electronics, it would have been cheaper and easier for them, and other constructors to make a race winning bike?
  15. Who knows? They weren't exactly a contender then either. I think you've either got the 'winning gene' or you haven't. And I think that Kawasaki forgot how to win a long time back. I wasn't surprised that Ducati did so well, they have a history of success and that brings with it the ability to create the atmosphere that 'we can win this'. What engineer, rider or team manager would seriously contemplate riding for Kawasaki without a serious culture change?
  16. 37-odd million bucks a year to prove they're slower than everyone else.
  17. Did this story originate in Spain on the 28th?....... ahhh, enlightenment dawns. :grin:

    (Day of the Innocents peeps, google it )
  18. There's an update to that story - that Hopkins is apparently unaware of anything official.

    And the MotoGP website's biggest news items appear to be on the 2008 grid girls and some guy's take on Rossi's 2008 season.
  19. Haha, good one. It had me thinking it was possible.