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News Kawasaki W800 Limited Edition But Only For Japan

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. The Kawasaki W800, a motorcycle you’ve probably never heard of but does actually exist, is getting the limited edition treatment but only in Japan. This retro styled machine has been available since 2011 but you’d hardly know about it, despite how popular the ‘retro’ segment is becoming.

    The W800 replaced the W650 which was discontinued in 2007, and is a further throwback to the W models that Kawasaki produced from ’67 to ’75. It features an air-cooled and fuel injected 773 cc parallel twin that produces 35 KW (48 PS) @ 6,500 rpm and 60 N.m @ 2,500 rpm. Gearbox is 5 speed and wet weight is 217 kg.

    The limited edition won’t feature any mechanical differences – it’s all visual. But those visual changes are quite gorgeous. The engine has been painted black with the fins polished in chrome. The paint scheme is a two tone one of chrome and metallic beige (looks better than it sounds). The rims also go from chrome to gold. It’s one very attractive looking machine.

    In usual ‘limited edition’ style, special badges are placed on the motorcycle and the ribbed black seat also gets the two-tone treatment.

    Only 300 of Kawasaki W800 Limited Editions are being made for the Japanese market and no word on whether they will be available elsewhere in the world.

    Kawasaki-W800-Limited-Edition-002-150x150. Kawasaki-W800-Limited-Edition-001-150x150.

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  2. I'd buy one, I know, I'm weird.
  3. You should consider it if you're in the market for something to potter about on.
    I've ridden a couple, they've got a lovely character to them - the bevel drive makes a nice noise, they're well built and have a genuine heritage unlike the various Bonnies/Thruxtons etc that bear no relation to the originals (apart from looking similar).
  4. "Potter" describes me perfectly Womble.