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Kawasaki W800 issues

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Yudi, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    I got a Kawasaki W800 brand new in 2012 and have been having ongoing issues since then. I want to know how other W800 owners are going. It's been the worst bike I ever owned and it only has 11000kms on it.

    • First when the bike only had 400kms, it did not start one day. Took it back to the dealer, they replaced the spark plugs as they were flooded. Advised not to use Shell fuel. Since then I have only been using Caltex or BP 95.

    • Then there was the FI light issue, kept coming on intermittently, dealer cleared the error codes and advised I let the engine warm up before pulling away( which I always do, wait until the revs settle to 1200rpm, takes around 2mins, that is the normal revs at idle). Only had FI light come up just once after that.

    • Then around 6000kms, throttle was getting stuck, took it back to the dealer and they replaced the throttle body, said it would have costed $2000 if it was not under warranty. Did not have the FI light come up ever since.

    • Around 9000kms, started to experience hesitation when trying to accelerate (at random). This happens as soon as I come out of garage and try to accelerate away, but only for the first few kms, and not when letting the speed build slowly. Once I continue riding, it has no issues even if the throttle is fully open. One day it started but had no power and felt like only one piston was firing. Took it to the dealer and they swapped out spark plugs and said that they burnt out and did a normal service as it was due for one.

    • Now the issue is back again within 3monts, around 11000kms. Exact same issue, it started to hesitate when I tried to accelerate so I pulled over to let the engine warm up bit more and revs dropped to around 500rpm and once I released the throttle completely, it just died. Now it will not start, engine turns over but does not come to life. Another thing I noticed leading up to the engine completely dying was that if I close the throttle (decelerate) I can actually hear intermittent breaks/pops in the exhaust note (sounds like backfires), it’s not loud but still noticeable, does not affect the acceleration or the ride in anyway.

    • Last time I took the bike to the service centre, I mentioned that this was the third time they swapped out spark plugs in just 10000kms. They said they logged a ticket with Kawasaki to find out more about this issue. When I called them up couple of days ago I asked them if they heard anything back from Kawasaki, they had no clue what I was talking about.
    • Looks like they are just fixing the symptoms, not the cause. I suspect it to be lean running engine as the issue gets better as the bike warms up or something related to F/A mixture. This is not related to cold weather or bad fuel.

    • Any suggestions on what might be the issue and also who is the best mechanic for these bikes in Sydney. Last two times I took it to Bikebiz in Granville. Prior to that went to Sydney city motorcycles.
  2. We all know there are no Lemon Laws in Oz, but there's definitely such a thing as 'Not Fit For Purpose'.

    Your bike may be getting pretty close to falling into that category.

    You could approach the dealer for a replacement bike or full refund/store credit.

    If they play hard-to-get, there's always Kawasaki Head office.

    Good luck.
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  3. As Mick MMick M says it could be one of the lemons it also sounds like your dealer doesn't want it going beyond them, id be calling Kawasaki head office and supplying them with a hiswtroy including the supposedly raising of a ticket
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  4. Definitely, take these things to head office, utterly unacceptable in these days of stone-axe reliable machinery. If this was happening with the 300 Ninja social media would be in meltdown.
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  5. Total BS that. Before hammering Head Orifice have someone do a written letterhead quote / second opinion. Andy Close in Redfern if your in the city, Jay @ Sydney M/Cycle Wreckers don't know what hood your in ...... any outfit with credo.
    Be cool, calm & collected about it all, they're good at doing nothing. Chronological proven data is good (as you've done here). Mention statutory warranties & that you've talked with Fair Trading.
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  6. Could be electrical.
    Maybe a wire somewhere has developed a personality and has diecided to earth or incomplete a circuit every now and again.
    W800s are supposed to be bombproof aren't they? Being FI means 'warming up' is just for appearances.
  7. Push it off a cliff
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  8. Absolutely, for us old carbie people the joy of EFI was always no choke, start up, drive or ride away...
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  9. ... "electrical" ! think DiGiTaL, sealed black boxes & the PC says no.
    Without any doubt, in the 21st century, if recommended service agent can't sort it with a 2million dollar diagnostic machine or a binary update/ flash it's a walk away scenario. Ask many apprenctices what a set of points,TDC or a sidevalve is :wtf: (won't mention rotary gearboxes or a Jawa long tracker laydown for fear of being banned from the thread)
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  10. It's a lead, plug cap or coil resistance problem. There will be tests for them in the workshop manual. Get the dealer to test them.
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  11. Kawasaki Japan is doing a recall on the W800 for;
    Throttle body holders cracking and sucking air (would explain why mine would loose power at "random" on brass monkey cold nights).
    Wiring harness rubbing against frame and shorting out.

    Recall: Kawasaki recalls W800 over potential engine stoppage defects | Responsejp (Motor cycle / industry trends )

    Going to go talk to my dealer and engine builder (another story) about the recall and order the new TB holders.

    Other problems my W had that made it run shitty;
    One air filter over oiled/soaked with engine oil - pull the side covers and check your filters yourself, and check for oil weeping from the breather hose between engine engine and airbox. If the engine oil is over filled it will be spat into the airbox and may clog up the filter, and lazy/rushed mechanics can put over oiled air filters back in.
    And after having the throttle bodies replaced (recall), they quickly went out of sync. Dealer... was less than helpful, so I ended up doing it with the help of dad and his $15 syncing tool. We didn't get it perfect, but it made a ridiculous improvement in how the bike ran. Engine was less vibey, even improved the handling!
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  12. There is something odd about the idea of retro style bikes. I mean they all had problems back in the day, so why imitate them now? There is better technology in modern bikes. In other words try again with a modern design bike. It sounds like the dealer owes you a big trade in anyway.
  13. ...The fcuk are you on about?

    Spoke to my dealer today, He hadn't heard about the Japan recall and is going to run my VIN past Kwaka.
  14. I think he missed the memo about the fact that modern retro bikes are actually modern bikes that look like older bikes, rather than previous production bikes retooled.
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  15. last time I took it to Bikebiz all they did was replace the spark plugs apart from the normal service. I should have taken a look at the spark plugs but was hoping the mechanic would have picked-up if it was running lean. Their service centre set-up is not ideal, the girl at the reception is hardly technical and I never had a chance to speak with the machanic. Not sure if what I told her was conveyed properly to the mechanic.

    I went through FI self-diagnostic steps as listed in the service manual (by grounding the diagnostic terminal to negative terminal of the battery), FI light did not blink. I am guessing that means everything's ok with FI.

    I am going to pull the spark plugs out first that should give a good indication of whether it's running lean or not.

    Hi Orb,

    how old is your w800?
  16. Check the gap on the plugs whilst you have it out. If they've opened up it points to my diagnosis.
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  17. 2012 according to the papers, one of the greenies. Think it sat on the floor for about a year before I bought it.
    Been in bits for about two years, put a high com big bore kit in it and got some head work done, and the bloke doing the cam went bat-shit crazy and ruined it. We only got it back recently, and are still looking for someone to fix it.

    I've been trying to remember - I was getting the loss of power as well, when riding in the extreme cold at night, think one of the plugs might have been fowled as well, I'm betting a mix of cooked TB holders, and iBasts ignition suggestion was responsible.
    Dealer wasn't interested in finding the problem, so that's when I decided to tear down the engine looking for the problem, and throw the bore kit at it. There was some scoring in the bores, the fowled plug, and the rings were set wrong, from memory. Rest of the mechanicals were fine.
  18. Got the exact same model.

    All the problems I encountered were in the first few kilometers after start, never encountered any issues once it gets going even on cold nights.
    Had the TB replaced under warranty.. It just got stuck one day and would not rev down. Bought mine from teammoto in Brisbane. Based on my experience so far, I think teammoto is better than bikebiz or sydney city motorcyles and they are cheaper as well. Will take mine back to Bikebiz once I swap the spark plugs.

    That's very disappointing, where did you get yours from?

    below link has the images of my spark plugs, cannot tell if they are actually fouled? Any help?

  19. they are not fouled but 1430 seems to suggest the gap is too big. Do you have access to feeler gauges or a plug gap tool?
  20. Checked the gap on both, is 0.7mm. So I can rule out the spark plugs.
    Not sure what else to check next.