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Kawasaki Vulcan S 650

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  2. Great looking bike! :)
  3. Great-looking bike, IcarusDragonmawIcarusDragonmaw. It looks like you've set it up well for some extended trips too which I like the idea of.
  4. This is the bike I wanted as my first, and it may still be in my future
  5. congrats :) nice looking bike & extras
  6. Great bike. Even though they are a LAMS approved bike, they have plenty of power and torque for their size. Handle really well too for a cruiser.
  7. I've just bought a Vulcan S as my first bike - I've only had my Ls about 2 weeks. I'm in love! Great bike, easy to ride, plenty of go but easily controlled by a new rider. Looking forward to many km.
  8. congrats on the purchase
  9. nice bike :)

    hows it going so far ? any dramas
    whats it on road cost
  10. Hi everyone

    I am a proud owner of purple Vulcan S. Ask any questions in regards to the bike and I'll try to answer in best of my knowledge. For the folks who are looking to buy LAMS approved bike, you cannot go wrong with Vulcan. The bike handles perfectly in and out the city. My mods so far: Aftermarket saddlebags and radiator protector.
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  12. Same here, my first bike also and just bought it not long ago while on my 3rd lessons. Find it easier to handle than my instructor's bike (Honda CB125E).