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Kawasaki Vulcan Engine Swap

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Casting Shadows, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I just bought a '95 Kawasaki Vulcan 800 from a friend and i'm just about to get my L Plates so legally i won't be able to ride the 800 for 15 months so i'm thinking of dropping a 650 into the Vulcan to make it LAMS approved so i can ride it the entire time and once i get my full license i will reinstall the 800 or bigger.

    Has any body else done this?
    Does anyone know which model engines will bolt straight in?
    Can anyone recommend a source for a 650 engine?


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  2. Short answer, it's not practicable.
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  4. Thanks,
    Much appreciated
  5. I'm not sure if its different, but i'm in NSW and i can't see the clause about "standard form as produced by the manufacturer" in any of the writings.
    I'll keep searching though.

    Edit: Just found it haha
  6. Sorry, for some reason I thought you were in Qld.

    From here, near the bottom of the page;

    Motorcycle power and weight is based on manufacturer data supplied for Australian Design Rules compliance. Motorcycles cannot be modified or restricted in order to be reclassified as approved motorcycles.

    Modifications to novice approved motorcycles
    For a motorcycle to remain approved for use by novice riders it must not be modified in any way from its manufacturer’s standard specifications.

    Only motorcycles that retain all of the manufacturer’s original equipment for that model and model variant will retain novice rider status under the Learner Approved Motorcycle scheme (LAM).

    The regs and LAMS conditions are essentially identical across all the different states.

    Eg; Vic

    Any motorcycle modified in a way that increases its power-to-weight ratio is not LAMS approved regardless of whether it appears on the list. All motorcycle learner permit or a restricted licence holders can only ride a motorcycle in its standard manufactured form.
  7. T
    Thanks. I guess I'm just trying to find a way to be able to ride this bike.
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  8. Simply speaking LAMS is determined by the bike as a whole, not the engine power or capacity directly.
    This takes into consideration power:weight etc. Then comes the next task of insuring it...impossible/very expensive.

    My advice would be to put the bike into storage under a cover, and pickup a smaller bike for the interm.
    Realistically your better and safer off learning on a smaller bike as it's more forgiving, lighter.
  9. This ^^. Good advice.

    You'll have to give upon the idea of riding this bike while your restriction period is in force.

    Store the bike until then, or onsell it and get something else more suitable.

    Go here https://netrider.net.au/forum/welcome-lounge.83/
    and do yourself a proper introduction. Good forum manners and all that stuff. (y)
  10. 15 months will pass quickly and you'll have had the time to get comfy on the roads. I feel your pain. I can't even think about buying my future bike for quite some time down here in the nanny state.

    As gunissangunissan said, go say hi in the welcome lounge. :happy: