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Kawasaki VN250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. I have done a search on this and have turned up not a lot.

    What are peoples thoughts/ opinions on this model. It looks in the pictures a bigger/ chunkier than the VT250C would I be correct in assuming this ?.

    Also is this a decent bike or not. I am looking at a cruiser because of a strong family heritage ( refer proberly my first post) with bikes, and the cruisers are just about what everyone owned. :wink:

  2. hey were u ride
  3. Hey dude,

    I ride a VN250 and love it...
    It's my first bike :)

    I'm a n00b really when it comes to bikes, but yeah, I find it fun as. Real easy to stay upright thanks to the low centre of gravity....

    I'm a big guy so I don't really mind the size of it - compared to other 250s - even cruisers - it is a lot bigger, and feels big to ride.
    It is also freakin' heavy - weighing in at around 160kgs dry i think...

    Nice looking ride too! Went for a cruise around town this morning and got random waves and thumbs ups from people.. Which always brings a smile to my face!

    The second hand market for them is like, non-existant really...
    I couldn't find any at all around brisbane/gold coast when I made my purchase... But, I managed to save a few $$$$ by playing hardball and pricewars with the various dealers around town heehehehe.

    I've owned mine for a few months now, extremely happy with it and I don't think I'll be looking to upgrade within the forseeable future (I'm not a speed freak, love the cruising, and it doesn't look like a Virago so I don't look like pussy when riding it - no offence to Virago riders, they're just too small!)

    Oh and I got a custom exhaust made for mine too... I found that it sounded like a toy bike with the standard one; which didn't quite fit the look of the bike!

  4. No where just yet ! But in a couple of months (hopefully). Ringwood/ Maroondah/ Knox Area
  5. I have been lurking here trying to gether info on VT250c and VTR250 and just noticed this thread.

    They look great! How powerful compared to V25?

    What, if anything, can be done about the Kawasaki sign down the side of the tank - that is the worst looking badge since the 70s...also the front wheel looks too small in pics i can find, does it look in proportion in real life?

    Are they all black, or come in varying colours?

    Damned fine looking bike - without the Kawa badge most folks wouldnt know what that was, thinking it was something bigger and tougher.
  6. ^^^ Word brutha.

    Every saturday morning when i clean the beast I look at peeling back that Kawasaki sticker... I need some hardcore freakin' Goo Remover shiznit hey.

    Maybe if i didn't chew my fingernails so short i could get it off...


    The latest model comes in black only.
    I think earlier models had different colours, I saw some second hand 2001 models on Bikesales or something that were in Silver and there was also a blue one somewhere.

    Powerwise I dunno - I don't really have enough experience with bikes to make a decent comparison.... :(


    Also the front wheel looks mad. Not too small at all. It is a fair bit skinnier than the rear (that thing is FAT) but yeah it's got a good 'chopper' style look happenin'

  7. Sorry for bringing back this topic, but I thought it would be better to add to it than start another cruiser mod topic
    . :grin:

    I've just been looking at a pic of a VN250

    Is it possible to put dual pipes on it (LHS & RHS) or not. I just thought it would look better with dual pipes.

    Thanks Tim
  8. How are these things for power and is there any sensible mods to get a little extra out of it (zorst, intakes etc.) ?

    I'd looked at Eliminators but hadn't realised there was both a parallel and a V. Saw one a few days ago and it was like the VT250 without the turn-offs for me and I'm wondering whether with a 6 speed box it might be a little better for the long haul stuff then a VTR. :?