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Kawasaki VN250 Performance/Speed Question

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Expedite, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. Another question from this newbie. :)

    Started riding to work this week and absolutely loving it!!!!

    BUT couple issues regarding my bikes performance. I knew buying a cruiser that it certainly wasn't going to be overly fast but a bit surprised at its lack of speed up hills.

    For those that know canberra, along the tuggeranong parkway there are a couple of hills, now on this my nike struggles massively to hit 100.

    It screams along in 4th gear at 80, if i hit the hill in 5th it really struggles. Today on the way home i had it wound up and maxing out at 80 in 4th and then changed up to 5th where it slowly trickled to 100 but that seemed a lt of effort.

    Is this performance normal for this bike or is there something i need to look at? If its normal im thinking a larger 900 or so Kwaka cruiser might be required sooner than i though. :D
  2. being considered the 'best power' of the 250 cruisers you'd expect a bit better than that.

    How old is it, & when was the last service ?
    You may find that a good service, with a the usual inc a new oil & air filter etc revives it
  3. NR link HERE
    It seems most 250 cruisers top out at about 130kph the link is from a NR who claims 150 on a VN.

    Check your bikes breathing and carb sync.
  4. I'd say something needs looking at - if new, go back to the dealer and have a chat... I was 2up on my wifes Hyo 250 cruiser and we hit 100 reasonably quickly and 120 was also an easy target - this with me (120kg) and the missus at ~70kg.
  5. Its a 98 model so has some age about it. It needing a service could very well be an issue will look into that. :) Thanks for the advice and any other hints would be good.

    Definitely only hitting 90 up the hills at full throttle though. :(