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Kawasaki Versys

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Drew, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Looks pretty good.

    It would definitely be great for touring one up, but maybe needs a little more grunt for two up work, but I reckon it would do just about everything fantastic.

    That would be well worth a second look/test ride Drew.
  2. Sounds like a smaller version of the TDM900 or new Tiger. Might be a little weak in the motor for 2 medium-to-large people and luggage... but then I'm a horsepower freak :) :grin:
  3. Thats what i thought. Will add it to the list for when i'm allowed to test em out.

    i keep l;ooking at V twins though... i think i'm addicted.
  4. This must be the most ugly kawa to date!
  5. The best V-twin for two-up touring would be the Ducati ST2/3/4 range. Probably followed up by the Aprilia Falco and Suzuki DL1000.

    The Ducati's look good. Go alright. Handle exceptionally well two up and luggaged to the gills and they are comfy to boot. Plus they sound awesome and will do a million miles reliably.
  6. Wasn't aware it was available here :oops:

    They try to market it as an "all roads tourer" - bit like a Strom, but with only a 17" front wheel, those roads would want to be smooth :wink: And the Strom looks to have a more comfortable pillion seat.

    Think there would be better bikes to do two up touring on.
  7. i'm actually keen on the GT1000 myself. Classic looks with lots of go! Mrs Drew thiks it's good looking too. Didn't mind the ST3 though..pricemay put the Duc's out of my grasp though.

    Suzi SV1000 is also high on the Vtwin list...

    as for the Versys,

    we found the ER6 to be a little small for our needs( had a sit on one at a dealers with bags etc and it's a bit cramped.

    will still check this out when the time comes.
    i'm so undecided on what i want for an upgrade.... have about 4 separate ideas on the type of bike i want. I think it's going to come down to budget + test ride results. long way to go though.
  8. Yeah. New Ducati pricing would hurt a little bit, but you may be pleasantly surprised with a looked after second hand model.
  9. indeed... never know what might be available in 12 months :grin:
  10. Never buy a bike based primarily on its pillioning abilities. I know you need the minister's thumbs-up but just about anything will pillion, and you'll only be riding like that on occasion. see if it has a big back seat and that's all you should worry about.
  11. Yeah i know.... 1st test is "does it float my boat" so to speak :LOL: if so then test 2 it check with the minister. then $

    We do plan on using the bike as a general traveller around the place though. so pillion comfort is of reasonable importance.

    either that or i just get a bit of dead sheep for the pillion seat.
  12. She'll get on the back twice with you, then either break your helmet beating you over the head, or decide "stuff this back seat crap for a joke, I'm getting my license."
  13. mnost likely the licence option..(have considered this point).... she's already insisting i organise her a ride on someones bike for her Birthday..... Wonder how she'd go with a wheelie Loz?
  14. I'd be glad to... But do assure her I don't scare people who don't want to be sacred.

    "Do I frighten you?


    "Would you like me to?"
  15. no thats just what your pillions think after a spin with you..... they get off [-o< :p
  16. Hotcam mentioned it, but you should have a look at the TDM900 as well. Quite a good bike for not too much money. Lots of room, enough grunt etc.
  17. Tedium looks ok but i still want bike with some spirit.
  18. Spirit? Huh?

    The TDM will scare three colours of shit out of you. Great bike sorely underrated. And they're the best sort of bike - because they don't get stolen or dribbled over by idiots.
  19. LOz anything bigger than a SPADA would do that i think :LOL:

    TDM may well be a great bike... it's just not apealing to me in a "gee i wnat one" kind of way.

    the big naked tourers are calling a bit though