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Kawasaki Versys 650L ABS 2012

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    Kawasaki Versys 650L ABS 2012

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  2. I have also have a Versys, 2012 LAMS.
    Its a great bike. Blow off the standard tyres and get some Pirelli Angel ST or GT's, or Road Pilot 3 or 4's, she will really handle then.

    Here is a trick for U-Turns... you have to lean the bike into the turn and counter lean your body out to balance - this is some thing to master as the bike lean creates a smaller turn radius for the bike. Also don't forget to keep your head cranked over and looking far right over your shoulder. Try just riding in a circle and changing the lean of the bike.
  3. Thanks for advice, finally learnt all the skills for uturns including counter balance and eye movement. So many people advise on head movement but fail to mention eye direction.