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kawasaki sucks

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by raffiki, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. yes indeedie my little zx7r sucks anus.

    riding home last night from a mates place, only 500m from home thank christ, i come up to some train tracks and do what i have always done. stand up on the pegs, give it some juice so its not so hard on the front end, my arms and wee over the bumps, however last night was not to be. as i pass over the tracks down goes my left foot and over i almost go, sit down and wonder where the fcuk did my left peg go?!?!?! pull up at home and look down to see the peg mount has sheared off and is hanging onto the gear lever dragging along the ground...

    gay bike... grrr i wanna go riding!!!!!
  2. did u "knacker" yerself? :wink:
  3. no, just missed 8) that was the only good thing about it :D
  4. you sure it was the bikes fault, sounds more like the weather conditions to me

    also probably better to avoid getting on the juice, safer to just have the throttle on and maintain speed if you ask me
  5. weather conditions? well if it was siberia i could see the metal snapping but it was a nice comfy 15oc down here last night. unless it was mecury ;)

    yeah i know prolly not the brightest thing getting on the juice but its that or rolling across at 15k's which will just get me run over. friggin tracks need repairing again.
  6. ok if not brittle metal in siberian temperatures then obviously you must be a big fat b*&^%$d - Japanese engineering can only do so much

    when you get to my big fat b*&^%$d status you get a BM - or a harley but I just couldn't 8)
  7. Sorry to hear that Raffiki, you should trade it in for a nice little Z750...much more like it :)
  8. bbbwwwaaaahahahahahahahaha hit the nail right on the head :D

    i just couldnt see myself on a harley or bm but have got the head for it. maybe a busa as a compromise :D:D:D:D:D
  9. You need a Ducati!!!!

    :D :D :D
  10. mmmm 749r...
  11. A ducati, a kwaka, a bm or harley. Oh dear.

    You may as well just buy a car and be done with it
  12. OMG :shock:

    I also stand up the pegs when going over the tracks... I have always wondered if anybody's pegs had fallen off while doing this... Now I know..Thanks :D .. Makes me thinks twice about doing that now

    Lisa :twisted:
  13. hey raffiki,
    you might wanna have a closer look at remains of your peg mount.
    im guessing it may have been welded from a previous accident,
    then cleaned up to look nice, hence weaking the weld.

    check the break point,
    if it was welded previously it will have a nice shinny break around the edges,
    but the middle will be slightly darker in colour.
  14. Good point Carver. If it is plain metal fatigue, then one of two conditions will be present:

    If it is a cast piece, then it will appear darkisk grey and "grainy".

    If it is a forged piece, then it will probably show evidence of tearing before breaking, generally as grease and blackish dirt in the break, generally starting at a corner, with the last bit to break nice and clean.

    Be interested to know what you find.
  15. that sounds about what it looks like so i'm guessing plain old metal fatigue, which makes me think i should replace the other one as well.
    it doesnt look like its been welded either but hey i aint no pro welder so hmpft :)

    so unless they've been welded i still stand behind my comment of kawasaki sucks.

    for comparision i've only ever snapped one peddle off my pushy and that was an old shitty set. the current peddles are 4 years old and i've done about 35,000k's on them and i weigh 145kg's :shock: :? :shock: :?
  16. There are basically two types of metal failure that may have occured, brittle fracture and fatigue cracking. If it was a brittle fracture then the surface of the broken pieces should show a fairly uniform, smooth texture, perhaps with a slight "tear" at the lower edge. Fatigue cracking will usually have a smooth surface originating from the initial stress point (in this case it would be the top of the peg) with a different, rougher surface at the final break point (the lower part of the peg).
    A brittle fracture would imply that too much load was applied at that instant causing it to break (ie the part was too weak). A fatigue fracture would suggest that it's been subjected to repeated stress leading to the formation and growth of a crack which gradually weakened the metal causing it to break (usually down to poor design - ie sharp corners at stress points).

    Brittle fracture means the pegs are too weak to take your weight

    Fatigue fracture means your pegs have had a hard life and the other one could go soon.