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Kawasaki Spring Sale & the ER-6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Chief, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Looking up the Kawasaki site it appears they are having a spring sale till 30th October. Anyone got any experience of the onroad price for an ER-6N or ER-6F. i.e Has anyone bought one recently what deals are available?

    Also, the 2007 ER-6N comes in Orange and Black. From the photos on the web the colour looks a "milky" orange. Is this the case in real life or aren't the pictures doing it justice.
  2. Hi Chief, where are you?

    Weekend advertising in Perth lists these for 8999 ride away, so presumably if you were keen you could do even better towards the end of the month. Just had a look at a UK dealers site (Bridgemotorcycles) and they are 4299 over there which relates to just over 10K of ours, so it would seem pricing is very keen atm.

    Do a search on the Melbourne bike show from last week. Smee posted a pic of the orange er-6
  3. Speak to Seany, he just bought a new ER6 last week :)
  4. I say that picture and thought that orange looked really pale, i'll have to see one in real life.
  5. The orange is a full orange, didn't look too milky at the bike show. The 2007 ER-6n looks nice from the side - even in orange. Just don't tackle that thing from head on :eek: :shock:
  6. hey chief- have you got a link to the kwaka spring sale?

    I've done some googling and can't seem to find anything... :?
  7. I like the orange!
    The ER-6 is on my maybe list for my upcoming upgrade :)

  8. Deal hard, because I can't imagine they have sold many Ns since the F come out.
  9. Your pictures look better than the other ones I have seen. I wonder what colours the ER-6F will come in??
  10. i know this is kinda an ER-6 thread... but speaking about the Kawasaki Spring Sale... my Dad and I are buying bikes. he's going to go for a Z750, which we'll get for just under $10k.

    but i'm looking at a ZX-6R. how much do you think we'll be able to get it for? and considering that we're getting two bikes at once (plus both of us getting oggy knobs, helmets, leathers, boots, gloves, possibly some accessories like tank bags, adventura rack etc.), they should do it at a pretty good price, yeah? :?:
  11. Last quote I got for the Z7 was $12K on the road? Under $10K sounds like a really sweet deal.

    I like the Zeds but mine would have to be Red.....or Kawasaki green but they dont make em green :(

    too bad eh.....it would only be until I got my trumpie anyway :)

  12. The faired version looks sensational.
  13. before the sale i was quoted 11k ride away for the 6n but saleaman said to wait as spring sale was comming and he could do way better then.thats no trade to.
  14. er-6n has been advertised for a few weeks now in the weekend press here in Perth for $8999 ride away
  15. yeah, that's what i thought when my mate said how much he got his for! with 6 months rego as well! and a free hat, that he's quite proud to get out of the deal. :p

    so this has me wondering just how much could be saved on a ZX-6R? i'm thinking that $11,500 perhaps $11,000 might be possible? :eek:

    (BTW when do the '07 model Ninja's come into the shops? must be soon... they've gotta be keen to clear '06 stock?)
  16. Big differennce between the ER6 and the ZX6R. I would be very surprised to see the 06 ZX6 go for anything less than $14K. But I guess anything is possible. I would expect the new 07 models will most likely be competitvely priced at around $17 inc ORC.
  17. the local Kawasaki had a 'sale' on the ZX-6R last w'end - they were going for around $13,400...

    are you serious about the '07 model RRP?? the '06 was only $15,190! :eek:

    well no matter what price i could get an '06 for, it looks like insurance won't be happy about it. that adds $300 extra over an '04 or '05 model sportsbike. but i've still gotta get some more quotes...
  18. Is England further from Japan than us, or might it be more expensive because they have less space, making motorcycles more of a "need"??