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Kawasaki spare parts prices.... Jesus, WTF?!?!?!!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Loz, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Snapped gear lever... The sort of thing that happens in about 40% of motorcycle crashes or slow drops... Kawasaki's replacement price:


    Shitty plastic radiator fan... Kawasaki's replacement price:

    NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY F*CKING DOLLARS! (I'm told - I don't need one thank god.)

    That's so far OTT that I didn't even crack the shits on the phone, I just burst out laughing. The wreckers found me a gear lever and were "nice" enough to sell it to me for only $75. FFS!

    Bollocks to team green, my next bike's a honda.
  2. 900 bucks for the fan?? That's one fifth of the total value of my bike :shock:.
  3. lmao , they all want to gouge you when you go ask for new genuine parts
  4. I dunno Johnnie, a gear lever for the Hornet9 cost me about $40 IIRC, and an alternator cover was $85. Both genuine. Kawasaki have got some serious issues to be charging these stupid prices.
  5. Like Johnnie 5 said, theyre all the same, in australia at least. Parts for my cbr600rr are ridiculously overpriced here.

    Buy your parts from usa if you can, I then find my parts end up being a bit over half price, even when you include shipping . Takes a week to get the parts here too.

    edit: what bike is yours?
    just checked where I got my stuff from usa for 97 zx6r (wasnt sure what your bike is from the profile pic) gear lever.

    $80 USD. Kawasaki must make most of there money in spare parts in australia
  6. yep

    they are all the same

    some are cheap, others are eye gouging bend over thanks exxy
  7. Ahhh Kawasaki, putting the 'sak' back into motorcycles.

    Did you tell them your bike's colour scheme? I'd charge you extra if I knew you had a purple and orange bike :).
  8. Yes I have found the same thing Loz with replacement parts for the Kwaka.

    It sure wouldn't make me change to a Honda though! :LOL:
  9. I've found both the GTR and the old Z I had very reasonable on parts prices. Might have been the fact that both bikes shared parts with other Kawasakis, and both had long model runs.
    Mind you, I was only buying mechanical parts.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Hey Loz I might have a spare Radiator fan in a couple of days that I was gonna sell if you still want one, it's not the kwaka one but I'm sure you could adapt it easily.
  11. spare parts make a killing.
    I was quoted 250 for a whole 8 caliper seals, wtf, so much for little rubber things
  12. No mate, luckily I don't need that, it's just a ludicrous example of a price I found out when I was whingeing to a wrecker guy!
  13. Mate jus got 3 holes in his radiator afew weeks back on a Kawka ZX10R $1000 for a replaement. :shock:

    I can tell ya it aint gunna be much cheaper with a Honda either

    Genuine Honda Seat cowl for CBR : $345

    Genuine Honda REPSOL seat cowl : ya left testical, well $450

    that jus to give ya an idea of the rediculas prices Honda ask aswell
  14. Can't really compare accessory prices with the prices of essential spare parts though.
  15. Good ole Kawasakigimmeyurmoney

    I've got a gpx 250, I bought it damaged...

    it needed:
    wrecker Kawasaki
    front wheel: $100.00 $950.00!!!
    Forks: $125.00 $600.00!!!
    Bellypan: $75.00 $350.00!!!
    Right Peg assembly: N/A $150.00!!
    Screen: $150 (Brand New) $300.00!!

    Total spent: $600.00

    Total Cockasaki wanted to charge me: $2350.00!!!!!!

    The look on the kawasaki spare parts dude when i told him to go and get .......


    And it's only a 250!!!! Can't imagine if she was a 600 or 1000!!!
  16. This amazes me.

    There's halve a dozen places in the US that will freight over bits so I'm suprised the Australian importers still try this on.
  17. Alan at Z Power in teh Gong is also a great port of call for some OEM K stuff, and heaps of high quality non OEM products. My air and oil filter, plus clutch plates in the GTR are from Z Power.
    I order online from him, and shipping is very quick, and they know Kwakas!
    Mind you, a speedo cable from K for the GTR was $19...........

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. I heard this bout Kwakas Loz, that the plastics are supposed to dearer than replacement panels on a stealth bomber or A380 airbus :? Go the bikini faired Bandit baby, bugger all bits tae break da bank balance buddy :wink:
  19. remember when i was looking for a new rear shock for a GPX 250 i owned at the time- kawasak wanted $1300. dirty buggers!

    My old man had same probs with his BMW, they are all as bad as each other :evil:
  20. I guess Loz will be visiting his local Kwaka dealer after his trip up North!! :facepalm: :facepalm: :LOL: