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kawasaki or honda

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by SKOOKY, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. hi all whats the better bike 2009 kawasaki 250r or 95/00 honda rvf400 i dont know what 1 to go 4 i got about 10g's saved need something thats going to last me 5 to 10 years any addvice would b very helpfull i will b riding every day 1 hour to and from work and the rest i like big rids on the weekend when my luvly wife lets me out.

  2. RVF if you want a sports bike.

    do you know someone who is selling a RVF?
  3. rvf

    sports all the way. so its a better buy even thow its a older bike
  4. while the RVF is for sure the sportier option dont dismiss the new bike wit ha warranty and no history.
  5. Hey Skooky,

    Maybe do a bit of a search for "Sumoto" both here and on other local forums before taking your hard-earned their way. I'm not speaking from experience, but I've hard LOTS of very, very nasty stories...
  6. The RVF is the better bike.

    But it's much older - you'll spend $10k on it and gear, for a decent one.

    Buy something cheap to learn on, then get a proper bike once you have your full license. Let THAT one last 5-10 years.
  7. thanks doug ill take ccaer
  8. Oh and dude, this isn't a mobile phone so lets just type the words out hey.

    SMS speak on a forum is not only ugly but annoying to read.
  9. this is my 2nd bike i cheaped out and went 4 a 89 cbr250r and its on its way out been riding for about 4 years now
  10. Not to mention general discussion dumping. Moved topic to corrent forum :wink:
  11. sorry mate will keep it in mind thanks
  12. If you have been riding for 4 years, why then are you looking at learner legal bikes for your 2nd bike purchase??
  13. not in to any thing to big may look at a 600 but thats as big as i will go
    been riding for 4 years but only 2 of them are leagal so im trying to be a good boy
  14. There are plenty of usable late 600's out there for well under 10k.
    They are a much better long term ride than an already aged 400.
  15. ihave been looking at some but i realy want to go for a sports bike thats why the honda rvf400 is my top pick at the moment
  16. Newsflash! 600 sports bikes are a dime a dozen. What makes you think sports bikes dont come as 600's?
  17. Try the Ukrainian motorcycle forum.
  18. i know that ther are a lot of 600 sports bikes but like i sead im realy trying to be a good boy and im still on my p
  19. It would have been handy if you mentioned you're still on P's in the OP.
    Is the Honda on the LAMS list?
  20. yes it is