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kawasaki ninja rr

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by string, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Sigh...

    There is a section called bike reviews, questions & suggestions, think it might be the right place for this question???
  2. I think its most probably never coming to Oz...

    We do NEED a 2/ tho
  3. Looks pretty shit to be honest, nothing like a aprillia 125, aprillia puts very high spec stuff on its 125's and the two strokers were proper race style bikes, just without the top speed.

    This just looks like a super budget commuter for the developing country market, i doubt we would see it here and i doubt we would want too.

    EDIT: may have to take that back, is it a two stroke? just looked more closely at the pipe and it looks like a 2 stroke pipe, the engine specs say the engine is 2-langkah 1 cyl, google trans says langkah means step. so im assuming it is a two smoke. Might not be that bad after all.
  4. looks pretty good isn't it.
  5. For some reason it doesn't look aesthetically pleasing to me. And resembles... a bicycle. Just assuming when you say "Aprilia 125cc" you mean the RS and not the RS4. I'd probably pick, in this order: RS 125 > Ninja 250R > Ninja RR.

    I CBF looking into this specific bike but; maintenance will depend on how well it was built, the specific bike's history, and, as a 2-stroke; how much you maintain it. Don't maintain it much and it will need more maintenance (yes). Maintain/ride it well (very hard) and it should be sa-weeeet. 2-strokes are the best shit out -if you love them-, fact. :)
  6. Defs a two stroke, look at that expansion chamber. Too underpowered though, 28HP, whats the point?
  7. Pity about the crap frame and spindly forks.....