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Kawasaki Ninja 650R Yoshimura query

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by monaro57, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Hi

    I have a 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 650RL which is the learner detuned 650R.
    Has anyone here put slip on exhaust on a ninja 650r?
    I am looking at a Yoshimura TRC slip on and have read that this is a do it yourself install however (and I have taken this quote from the online seller), the Australian spec models are fitted with an O2 Sensor. There is no provision on the Yoshimura to accept the O2 sensor. The Oxygen sensors can be disconnected but this will trip the F.I. dash warning light. Dynojet Oxygen Sensor Eliminator kit will need to be fitted to prevent the F.I light activating.

    Part Number:

    Can anyone on this forum verify/adivse regarding this?

    Cheers and thanks in advance.
  2. Just so you know, any performance modification to a LAMs bike is specifically prohibited since you cannot confirm that it still complies with the power/weight restriction.

    So the O2 sensor should be the least of your concerns.
  3. think it will need a remap if its a full system going on. itll still probably make the lams power laws without a tune
  4. ok so what after market pipes is everyone putting on these bikes? there must be a few people here that have or know about the ninja 650r.

    what if i get the yoshi pipe modified so that it can fit the O2 sensor?
  5. I've got a Two brothers vale m2 for my ER6N (same bike essentially) I'm looking to modify the pipe so I can plug my sensor in.

    I've read some bad things about running the bike with the eliminator. From what I understand (correct me if I'm wrong) the sensor being eliminated has no way of taking measurements and if your bike is running lean and you have no way of knowing then you could cause some serious damage.

    Also with these slip on's tuning shouldn't be required.
  6. Update, I have been advised by the dealer/workshop not to slip on an exhaust as because the 2011 model is still new there apparently aren't a lot of exhaust options that they are aware of, ie. ones that have an O2 provision and that can be tuned to the bike without needing to run a power commander. Apparently they had a bike in last week to do an exhaust and they ended up having to put a power commander on it in order to run smoothly with the slip on exhaust. Power gains were minimal anyway.

    Given this I'm not so sure if it's a worthwhile option to follow given the potential cost of additional hardware, the minimal power gain and the fact that once I'm off my P's I will probably be considering another bike anyway. I haven't seen any other 650R's with aftermarket exhausts... have seen a few 250's though, however the pipes are different.

    Anyway might hold off for now, also don't want to risk any damage to the bike and it'll probably be easier to sell later down the track as a stock bike.
  7. I have an ER6N which I have fitted with a two brothers m2 slip on pipe.

    You have a few options.

    As the slip on does not come with bung welded to the pipe for the O2 sensor you will need to either have one welded on or obtain a sensor eliminator.

    You will however need to have your bike fitted with a power commander if you want it to run smooth. As soon as I fitted the pipe i started to notice really bad power delivery in certain areas, and not wishing to ruin my engine I got my bike mapped and fitted with a PC5. Expensive...

    If your going for power gain, its not worth it at all. I however just loved the sound of the pipe but its up to you if its worth the extra $1000 or so for PC and dyno.

    Out of curiosity, did this bike your refering to come through Peter Stevens in the CBD? Was probably mine if so.
  8. It would cost about $5 or $10 to have a bung welded into the connecting pipe that would allow you to fit the O2 sensor, so that is a very easy fix.

    With regards to how the bike runs with a slip on, they run fine. Put a Two Brothers on my wife's bike and made no other changes and it runs beautifully, no problems at all. I wouldn't say that it makes any more power as such, but it does feel nicer to ride, which may be partly an illusion because of the additional noise, but it does seem to be a little more "spritely", for want of a better word.
  9. I wouldn't be eliminating an o2 sensor without very good reason. It's not there for shits and giggles.

    Any car exhaust place can weld a bung on for you. Just take the exhaust and the o2 sensor to them