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Kawasaki Ninja 650R or Kawasaki Versys

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Anzac71, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Hi guys its been a long time since I have posted on here and I know I will get told to search the other topic to find my answer, I have done that and have not found a suitable answer.

    I am buying a new bike in Jan 2012 and was hoping to get other riders opinion on the Ninja 650R and the Versys. I have my full licence but can't justify the 1 litre price tag (code for wife will not let me).


  2. Two very similar, yet very different bikes there.

    Out of the two your looking at I'd go the 650R because the Verseys is just a little it too ugly for my likes.

    Might as well throw the ER-6n in there as well, which is awesome.
  3. Personally I think the versys has the looks only a mother could love... I'd go 650R or the ER-6n as suggested by MrBling :)
  4. It really depends on what kind of bike you want. The Ninja 650r has a sportier and cleaner look with the full fairing, and a semi-sports seating position. The Versys on the other hand is a semi-faired all-rounder with a higher seat and upright seating position. It's best you choose on that basis.

    Having said that, the Versys does have a higher level of specification than the Ninja 650r. The engine has been retuned for torque, providing smoother and sharper response in commuting or real-world riding scenarios (at the expense of five horsepower). The front suspension has been upgraded to upside-down front-forks with more travel and adjustability. The rear swingarm has been upgraded to an alloy version. The fuel tank is also larger.

    I took the naked version of the Ninja 650r for a test-ride and didn't like the seating position (in particular how the seat narrows towards the tank). This contributed towards my perception that the bike was built to a budget to suit women and learners. As far as the Versys is concerned, I can't get past the bike's awkward styling.
  5. There are a few nice vids on YouTube of the versys getting off road. It looks like it can handle some decent dirt/gravel riding. So if you fancy a bit of a dual purpose machine then go the versys I reckon. CIBBER
  6. I took the Versys for a test ride today and loved it, plenty of power (well enough for me) and very comfy seat. I dare say I will choose the Versys unless the boss lets me get a 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 1000. (never going to happen). Thanks for the advice.
  7. Thanks again for your advice guys but I have actually decided to buy a Honda CBR 1100xx Superblackbird. :)
  8. I totally agree with your choice. :p
  9. very similar bikes, but would go with the 650.
    personally think the other has some design/appearance issue...
  10. alot smarter move than getting a versys, they are steaming piles of crap.
  11. because ... ?
  12. there isnt really any reason why you would buy one over a ninja 650r. the versys isnt a dirt bike, and there is no possible way you can make it into a competent one. isnt a roadbike either.

    if all you want in a bike is to ride slowly around corners and cruise around then i suppose it is a good bike for that. but there are alot of other bikes that are better to do that on.

    in summary - it isnt any good at anything.
  13. I guess you could say the same about the Suzuki SV650 and DL650 Vstrom. I see the Versys as a Vstrom competitor, bikes for A & B & C roads with upright seating positions and extended fuel range. Neither are exactly my cup of tea but I could see myself buying one to do a lap around Oz. If I couldn't afford a Blackbird that is. :p
  14. the vstrom is a better bike for blasting down the gravel roads etc.

    the versys has a swingarm that is too short and you sit too close to the rear axle, making it hard to weight the front wheel which does nothing to help off-road handling.

    at least with the vstrom you have dirt-ish geometry and seat-bars-footpeg distances that make it easy to ride standing up in offroad situations.
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  15. I would buy it over the ninja as it is more comfortable as I am tall. It would be just as fast on the road in the real world for most riders especially as the extra suspension would help it over the bumpy roads that we have in Oz.

    On dirt yeah the weestrom would be faster but there wouldn't be that much in it. The new weestrom which has been redesigned is out next month. I am considering updating the DR with that as I don't do as much dirt as I thought I would.

  16. Have you ever ridden one? They are actually a very fun bike to ride and are quite good at a lot of things, just not excellent at one thing like bikes with more focus. You are correct in saying they are not a dirt bike, but then they don't claim to be (17 in wheels with road tyres). Think of them as a motard version of an adventure bike.

    Personally, I think if you are looking for a bike that you can use for commuting, weekend mountain runs and some touring they are excellent.
  17. yeah i have ridden one. in both stock form and in 'advrider spec'

  18. Well, at least your opinion is an informed one. Just not the bike for you I guess.
  19. I would discourage buying gt650r as the warranty supported here in Aust by the importer is not comprehensive enough to make buying the gt650r viable.I have had numerous faults in 20000klms of ownership and the latest claim for warped disk rotors has been rejected by the importers. Faults due to side stand switch malfunction , collapsed steering head bearings , major failure of the gearbox orings, sump plug leaks , regulator rectifier failures , paint peeling off , corrosion of the mirror stalks and this bike is only less than 20000klms old. Buy a Jap bike as they have factory support and experience in building a bike that is reliable.
  20. Love my 2012 Versys. Took a Ninja out for a run and did not like the seating position.

    I use the Versys mainly to travel 40klm a day to the CBD and home daily and it is a great bike for that purpose, you sit upright, have great vision, it's torquey and comfortable and importantly it has ABS which was a must have.

    I have put a load of mods on mine, for me the screen was too low, too much wind, the Givi touring screen is perfect.

    If you get one of these, ditch the stock 46 tooth socket, way to low geared, replace with a 44 and it is a whole new bike.

    I will sell in in 9 mths when I get my fill license and am looking at a Ducati Multistrada 1200S, similar concept as the Versys but a shit load more power, better handling and electronic everything.