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Kawasaki ninja 300 or 650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Phil Ashford, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. Hi all looking at getting my first bike at the end of the month and am stuck between the ninja 300 and 650 what would all you recommend. If I get the 650 I would be wanting to keep it for a few years but was just concerned if it would be ok to do my MOST test on

  2. if you are worried about MOST, hire one of their monkey bikes :) you can do figure 8's in the U-turn box.

    minimum turning radius
    650R = 2.7m
    Ninja250 i think is same at 2.7m (ZZR250 was 2.8m and I still passed)
    ninja 300 seems to be 2.4m
  3. Why are you stuck between the ninja 300 and 650?
  4. Go 650 mate. More power, more torque, less changing gears , easier to ride. No comparison.
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  5. G'day mate, if I had my time again I'd go the 650, I bought a 300 when I first got my L's and after a few I wanted something bigger.
  6. The restricted throttle on the 650 is why I bought the 300. That plus I don't think I could trust myself to not de-restrict given how easy it is

    7 months into LAMS and I'm still satisfied. Sure it could have more power, but every vehicle I've ever had (including a 135i and a few new V8 bogan cars) regardless of power, you soon want more. It's only natural.
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  7. #7 ibast, Jul 16, 2015
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    What type of riding are you going to be doing?

    [edit] and how tall and heavy are you?
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  8. I'dbe sorely tempted to go the 650 and derestrict once off Ps
    The whinja 300 is great versatile little bike, with the right rider will out corner some of the big guns but pulling past a b-double @ 100+ ks/hr pin your ears back, clench the buttocks and plan your attack. Lacks torque absolutely the only downside I can think of...great for touring on the lovely country roads we have :)
  9. and how long on P's :) if only 1 year, tough it out on a used 300, then get a proper 650 on blacks?
    if 3 years... harder choice
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    Yep, I don't understand the notion that you will only have 1 bike for the first 3 years. If it's to keep things cheap, pick up a 2nd hand 300, then pick up a 2nd hand 650 later down the track. If it's because you simply want a new bike, well money isn't such a factor, so you WILL be looking at different bikes regardless of how good your current bike is.

    If you are avergae size, don't discount the Benelli BN302. You may lose more in resale, but I saw those bikes last week in the showroom, and I would want to ride it before plumping for any of the other 300/390's.

    The RC390 is still my favourite looking LAMS, but I would totally ruin the visuals sitting on it... And I'd probably crash if the senorita I know was riding it.
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  11. To and from work and weekends out and about.
    176 cm and 79 kg
  12. and how long on P's?
  13. Lots of factors you need to consider,I Still have my ninja 300 and love it.Do lots of riding in the hills on the tight stuff.For me spending time on a little 300 helped me learn what a little bike can do.I only weigh 80kg and am a short ass ,love riding in the hills and don't commute.I think if you decide what you want to achieve with your first bike you will get some great tips here.
  14. Your first bike is exactly that, your first bike, regardless of what you think now, if you have the means it will be replaced in time, just try not to throw too much money away
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  15. OK, you could go either and be happy.

    Personally I'd go the 300, but after having been through stupidly large capacity bikes I'm having a yearn for smaller capacity bikes. When you are less experienced you want more, not less and it's a phase you have to go through.

    (I'm not sure what Pompey finds funny about the question in post#7)
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  16. The edit amused me, the way I first read it, bit like asking if he's a fat bastard :wtf:
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  17. What like "does my bum look big on this ninja"? :woot: